Unum launches enhanced EAP offering

As part of its ongoing drive to broaden and deepen the services it provides to customers, employee benefits provider Unum is enhancing its proposition by offering more embedded benefits to all its Group Income Protection, Critical Illness and Life customers through its partnership with LifeWorks, including:

  • New perks and savings, such as digital gift card discounts, online cashback, in-store and online coupons, and lifestyle offers
  • An enhanced mobile app, available in the App Store or Google Play, bringing all of LifeWorks’ tools to the employee’s pocket
  • Wellness content, educating employees on physical, mental, social and financial wellbeing through articles, podcasts, toolkits and infographics
  • Personalised news feedfor employers to suit their business needs, so wellbeing resources and company messages can be adjusted to reflect key business initiatives

As an embedded benefit for Group Risk customers, Unum LifeWorks provides employees – and employers – with 24/7 access to its suite of work and life support services, at no extra cost.

The enhanced package comes as part of Unum’s commitment towards providing a more holistic benefits and wellbeing proposition to its customers, offering not only financial protection to cover more serious health issues employees may encounter, but also broader support around work/life issues. Seen as part of this more service-focused solution, a range of tailored perks and savings can provide a small but significant way for employers to demonstrate to their employees how valued they are.

Recent research from Unum found that employees value the ‘soft perks’, with nearly 20% of respondents saying that they would like to see them added to their benefits packages, and as many as 31% wanting to specifically see retail discounts included.

“At Unum, we work collaboratively with our customers to understand the problems they face and create benefits to meet those needs. As part of this commitment, we are further developing and enhancing the services we provide over the coming months so we not only stand ready to protect people financially, but are also increasingly committed to supporting the broader aspects of employee wellbeing. As a first stage in enhancing our service offering, we are further developing our EAP offering with perks, savings and access to valuable wellbeing content,” says Glenn Thompson, Customer Solutions Director at Unum.

“Access to LifeWorks and all its resources is freely accessible to anyone covered by Unum’s financial protection policies and is available at the touch of a button, 24 hours a day. Now with our enhanced offering, we are also able to offer some financial savings – a little money off shopping or gift voucher discounts or cashback on the perks employees use.”

“Employees can find themselves spinning many different plates – money worries, maintaining a work-life balance, career concerns, or family or health issues. LifeWorks provides support and resources to help manage these issues. Our aim is to enable each person to take control of their wellbeing on their own terms.”

Whether employees face mental health challenges or just need financial advice, one of LifeWorks’ key advantages is its wealth of varied resources. Other features of Unum’s LifeWorks EAP include:

  • Confidential 24-hour telephone line
  • Counselling and coaching, available face-to-face or by phone for Group Income Protection Customers for a pre-set number of sessions
  • Advice and support on legal, financial, childcare, eldercare, wellbeing and education issues
  • Employee support assessments
  • Line manager support for the employer
  • Downloadable information and online resources
  • Connections to organisations in the local community to help address specific needs