Are L&D Teams at Risk of Extinction?

The Towards Maturity 2019 Report reveals a frightening gap between the skills L&D teams have today compared to the skills they are going to need in the immediate future. So, what can L&D teams do to quickly close the skills gap before it’s too late?

According to the report, the main strengths currently seen in L&D teams, such as classroom skills, learning management, project management, and teaching and assessment, represent only 4 of the 22 areas considered as top priorities in the future.

Notion’s Director of Coaching, Laura Ashley-Timms, warns that this will be ‘grossly inadequate’.

“The skills gap is alarming and threatens the future survival of L&D teams. If L&D teams are going to have a place in tomorrow’s organisations they will need to act fast to build the skills they are lacking before it’s too late.”

Laura fears that the risk of extinction will continue to loom until L&D teams wake up and quickly acquire the skills they need to drive performance and deliver immediate and dramatic results.

Explaining how Notion’s comprehensive range of programmes can help L&D teams to develop many of the sought after skills within just a few months, Laura says, “Our AIC® programme alone instantly addresses a third of the skills areas and contributes to increases in all of the metrics related to understanding the business problem and supporting performance. What’s more, a further twelve top priority skills can be acquired when L&D teams choose to work with Notion because they are services that are included as part of our standard delivery. Up skilling, suddenly seems a whole lot easier, doesn’t it?”

Laura, however, takes a realistic stance when it comes to technical design and delivery skills, “Is it really fair to expect L&D professionals to become technical experts overnight? In the short term, L&D teams should seriously consider outsourcing the technical aspect of delivery or risk being replaced. This doesn’t have to be a difficult choice because by selecting transformational products such as our revolutionary STAR® Manager programme, L&D teams can deliver the highest quality, 100% virtual, fully blended, out of the box management development solutions that can be implemented tomorrow.”