enei Comment on Green Park’s Colour of Power 2020 Report

Following the publication of Green Park’s Colour of Power 2020 report enei chair Harry Gaskell commented:

“The lack of progress over three years is both inexcusable and, sadly, unsurprising. We’re living in a country where 13% of the population isn’t white, but you wouldn’t know this from a glance at those responsible for setting the agenda of UK life.

“For those who struggle to understand why Black Lives Matter is about more than the justice system, this is the crux. The youngest generation is the most ethnically diverse yet; census data shows us that more than one in five of the young people entering the workforce between now and 2025 will be from a non-white background, but they aren’t just seeing a glass ceiling in the workplace; it’s completely opaque!

“That many of the categories with no BAME representation are in the public sector is particularly surprising. The Public Sector Equality Duty has the power to directly drive change, but not if it simply becomes a box ticking exercise.”