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We’re a creative communications agency. Two decades working with charities, businesses and unions has taught us how to build belief, and inspire people to put their beliefs into action. Today we use our unique insight and imagination to help brands, businesses and charities develop meaningful connections in a sceptical age. Our work inspires everyone from employees to volunteers, from consumers to donors, from people in power to people in need. It all starts with belief.

Something to believe in (The not-so-dark art of employee engagement)

Press release uploaded by on 29 July 2016

Depending who you ask, it’s either the key to unlocking your workforce’s potential or a fluffy HR issue not worthy of the C-suite. It’s easy to see why employee engagement is a can of worms. It’s a can of worms because there’s so much ambiguity over the term; its meaning, drivers and implications. So I […]

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