An effective induction programme can help to ensure that new employees settle in well, and gain an understanding of the organisation and its policies, procedures and culture as early as possible. It also gives employees a full opportunity quickly to become effective and motivated team members.

CIPD launches voluntary code of practice for internships

23 Sep 2009

A voluntary code of practice geared towards improving the quality of workplace schemes has been launched by the Chartered Institute...

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Recruitment in focus: Protecting your employer brand in a digital world.

18 Aug 2009

In the current climate, recruitment is the last thing that organisations are thinking about. There is more talk about staff...

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Krispy Kreme to tempt recruits with doughnuts

13 Aug 2009

Krispy Kreme will use its doughnuts to entice new recruits when the company opens two new stores next year, the...

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Effective staff inductions lead to broader benefits

3 Apr 2009

Effective staff inductions can boost retention rates and productivity levels among new recruits, according to a recent survey by Personnel...

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New online tool assesses recruitment and induction processes

20 May 2008

A new online diagnostic tool which measures the effectiveness of an organisation’s recruitment and induction processes, and identifies the drivers...

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Cornerstone OnDemand co-sponsors Aberdeen Group’s report on onboarding strategies

11 Apr 2008

Cornerstone OnDemand, the provider of on-demand, integrated learning and talent management software and services, has joined other major players in the...

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Japanese crackers for naked ladies

25 Apr 2007

In the UK, the end of the financial year brings fraught board meetings, weighty annual reports and a round-robin e-mail...

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Good quality staff induction is crucial to success

4 Jul 2006

A poorly managed induction can make it difficult for new employees to get to grips with the job.

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Companies lose £2bn with poor induction strategies

28 Feb 2006

UK businesses are losing up to £2bn a year in employee productivity due to inefficient staff induction processes, according to new research

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Online induction: Something old becomes something new

9 Feb 2006

Induction training could be so much more for new recruits than sitting in a room listening to worthy talks on organisational norms - if employers use e-learning to get their message across.

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Online questionnaire to deliver best candidates for Superdrug

8 Feb 2006

Retailer uses bespoke online questionnaire to vet management candidates.

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Skills body for adult social care sets standards for induction

4 Oct 2005

Skills for Care, the development body for the adult social care workforce in England, has launched a set of Common Induction Standards.

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Balanced approach to induction courses

1 Apr 2005

Cambridgeshire County Council is developing an online induction course in partnership with Balance Learning to increase the efficiency of its...

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Sourcing labour from Eastern Europe

8 Mar 2005

The impression you get from some newspapers when it comes to the issue of migrant workers is that they’re flooding over here, taking our jobs and swamping our communities.

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Poor inductions causing workers to leave new posts

18 Oct 2004

Thousands of workers leave a job because of poor or embarrassing levels of induction, such as a 10 minute walk...

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