Campaign aims to boost professional drivers’ health

A nationwide campaign to improve the health of employees in the UK who undertake a lot of driving – from sales reps to truck and van drivers – is launched today.

There are more than 500,000 working truck drivers in the UK, and over three million van drivers – and it is a predominantly male occupation.

They suffer from stress-related diseases, back and shoulder problems, and many find it difficult to eat regularly and healthily.

Personnel Today’s sister title Commercial Motor has enlisted celebrity chef James Martin and an army of medical, fitness, and physiotherapy experts to encourage better eating habits among professional drivers.

“The public perception that all truck drivers are overweight and unfit is nonsense,” said Andy Salter, the magazine’s editor and the architect of The Health Challenge campaign.

“But there are serious threats to men’s health generally in the UK, and our industry has more than its fair share of difficult working conditions and stressful jobs.”

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