Blood pressure

Sixteen per cent of adults could have an eating disorder

One in five women and one in eight men screened positive for a possible eating disorder in 2019, recently published...

CPD: How to build and embed resilience within your workplace

4 Dec 2020

In the final article of her three-part series, Catherine D’Arcy-Jones examines some tools and resources OH practitioners can use to...

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‘I am struggling’ – how workload, hours and stress were overwhelming OH even before coronavirus

4 Sep 2020

Occupational health practitioners were stressed, overworked and exhausted even before the coronavirus pandemic, a SOM survey has concluded. Nic Paton...

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Study highlights airborne virus transmission risks

3 Sep 2020

The risks faced by healthcare workers treating patients with viruses that can be transmitted through the air have been highlighted...

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‘Covid age’ model helps determine virus risk, say researchers

10 Aug 2020

Experts in occupational medicine have developed a risk assessment tool to evaluate an individual’s vulnerability to Covid-19, based on their...

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OH&W Awards – ‘We are very focused on ensuring mental health is not swept under the carpet’

7 Aug 2020

By taking a holistic approach to wellbeing, one combining healthy eating, physical activity, mental wellbeing, changing habits and leadership, the...

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Smokers urged to quit to reduce risk of coronavirus complications

15 Apr 2020

Smokers with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) should be urged to stop smoking immediately or risk complications if they contract...

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Work and time pressures leave occupational health professionals ‘exhausted’ and ‘undervalued’

6 Apr 2020

Occupational health professionals are being left stressed and exhausted by the intense time and workload pressures put on them by...

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One in four would risk health for their job

6 Jan 2020

A quarter of workers would put their own health at risk to ensure a work task is completed, according to...

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Working long hours increases risk of “hidden” high blood pressure

20 Dec 2019

Office workers who regularly spend long hours at their desks are more likely to have “hidden” high blood pressure, a...

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Make mental health a priority for the construction industry

1 Nov 2019

In many areas and industries, the social stigma around talking about mental health is gradually fading, with more and more...

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Nurse-led scheme in Wales making the menopause more manageable

4 Oct 2019

A pioneering nurse-led scheme is offering employees of a health board in Wales access to specialist menopause clinics, as Nikki...

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The Occupational Health & Wellbeing Awards 2019 winners

4 Oct 2019

It was a close-fought contest, but the winners have now been decided for this year’s Occupational Health & Wellbeing Awards....

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Occupational Health & Wellbeing Awards shortlist: Best wellbeing initiative

20 Sep 2019

Here we profile the finalists in the Best wellbeing initiative category in the Occupational Health & Wellbeing Awards 2019. The...

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Stressed staff turn to ‘unhealthy’ coping mechanisms over professional help

20 Sep 2019

Many workers who feel stressed are turning to unhealthy coping mechanisms such as alcohol and “stress eating” rather than seeking...

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