Employers should ensure staff are ‘sepsis savvy’

Organisations should raise awareness of the potential signs of sepsis among their staff, a charity has urged.

How to become more inclusive of invisible illness

14 May 2021

As organisations think about bringing people back to the office, they should consider how they can support people with health needs that are not immediately obvious.

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Staff shortages threaten respiratory care

13 May 2021

The lack of progress in addressing staff shortages in respiratory care could mean that people with lung disease are being deprived of access to specialist advice.

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Mild Covid ‘very unlikely’ to lead to long-term heart damage

11 May 2021

A mild bout of Covid-19 infection is “very unlikely” to cause lasting damage to the structure or function of the heart, according to research.

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Pandemic fears cause melanoma diagnoses to fall by more than a quarter

11 May 2021

Melanoma diagnoses fell 28% from April to November 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic, or the equivalent of 2,671 cases that were not picked up.

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Thousands missing out on routine asthma checks

7 May 2021

Thousands of people who are at a heightened risk of having a fatal asthma attack have not had a face-to-face...

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Liver cancer cases leap among men in Scotland

12 Apr 2021

The rate of liver cancer diagnosis in the UK has doubled over the past two decades and is highest among...

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OH the key to helping employers understand, and support, less well-known conditions

9 Apr 2021

Less common, or less well-known or understood, health conditions such as auto-immune diseases, ME, epilepsy and MS can often go...

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People with asthma at only ‘modestly increased’ risk of severe Covid-19

1 Apr 2021

People with asthma have only a modestly increased risk of developing severe Covid-19 and requiring admission to hospital from the...

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Seven in 10 hospitalised with Covid-19 still not recovered five months on

25 Mar 2021

Research finds many people hospitalised with Covid-19 are still struggling months later.

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Lung cancer referrals drop by a third

24 Mar 2021

Urgent referrals for patients with suspected lung cancer have dropped by a third over the past year, a study has...

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Four in 10 NHS staff unwell with work-related stress

15 Mar 2021

The proportion of NHS staff feeling unwell as a result of work-related stress continued to rise last year, particularly in...

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Report sounds alarm over reduction in heart prescriptions and procedures

11 Mar 2021

There could be 12,000 additional heart attacks and strokes in England in the next five years due to a reduction...

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Half of severe Covid patients also suffered injury to the heart

8 Mar 2021

Injury to the heart has been found in half of Covid-19 patients discharged from hospital after suffering severe illness from...

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obesity discrimination

‘Urgent need’ to address UK obesity amid Covid outcomes warning

5 Mar 2021

There is an “urgent need” to address obesity levels in the UK, the Royal College of Physicians has warned, in...

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