Black police representation has barely increased in 11 years

Police forces in England and Wales have succeeded in attracting more women and people from Asian backgrounds, but are failing...

Fast-track ‘Global Talent’ visas for top scientists unveiled

“Top” international scientists, mathematicians and researchers will be able to apply to work in the UK under a fast-track visa...

Employers should tackle football banter in the workplace

Football banter in the workplace should be moderated as it can encourage “laddish behaviour” and exclude women.
That’s according to...

How can schools manage changes to teachers’ pensions?

Changes to teachers’ pensions in the private sector are likely to become unmanageable for many schools. What will the changes...

Oxford Crown Court

NHS boss who lied about degree receives prison sentence

A senior NHS boss who gained his job by falsely stating he had a degree has received a suspended prison...

Equal pay: Co-op joins Asda in shop-vs-depot tribunal battles

More than 100 Co-op shop floor workers are seeking up to six years of back pay in the latest equal...

Carolyn Fairbairn

CBI leads 40 industry bodies calling for salary threshold rethink

Industry pressure grows to cut migrant salary threshold ahead of key migration report.

Catherine Leaver

Movers and shakers: HR appointments – Ann Pickering to step down from O2 role

Our latest update of recent appointments includes a new HR director for O2

Coronavirus: employers urged to avoid business travel

Employers should postpone or cancel business travel to the region of China that has been hit by an outbreak of...

The Employer’s Guide to Financial Wellbeing 2019-20

PROMOTED | Last year, more than a third (36%) of UK employees admitted to having financial worries...

Sky engineer dismissed for safety issue was discriminated against

A Sky engineer who breached health and safety rules while experiencing a mental health condition was discriminated against and unfairly...

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