Ramadan in the workplace: top tips for employers

For many Muslims, Ramadan is a period of religious observance, which includes fasting from sunrise to sunset. Ashok Kanani provides...

Give remote workers right to disconnect, urges union

According to Prospect, two-thirds of remote workers want to see a new “right to disconnect” enshrined in law.

Matthew Taylor to lead NHS Confederation

Matthew Taylor has been appointed chief executive of the NHS Confederation.
Taylor will join the membership body for NHS organisations...

Goldman Sachs commits to office return with new Birmingham hub

Goldman Sachs is to open a new office in Birmingham this year, which will initially serve as a tech hub.

Hancock met Greensill over NHS salary advance scheme

Health secretary was lobbied by David Cameron and financier Lex Greensill to introduce earned wage access scheme in NHS, it has emerged.

Unemployment among young black workers more than 40%

Unemployment among young black workers is three times worse than for white workers of the same age, according to analysis...

What can employers do to provide safe workplaces for women?

With concerns heightened around the safety of woman after the death of Sarah Everard, how can employers create safe spaces for women?

Barclays outlines policy to avoid burnout among junior bankers

Barclays has told junior staff to take Saturdays off and book at least two five-day periods of annual leave a year in order to avoid burnout.

What does the future hold for the ‘London weighting’?

There has been something of an exodus of people moving outside the capital and other major conurbations. What does this mean for regional pay allowances?

Government in discussions about social distancing at work

Ministers are consulting with businesses around how they can bring employees back into offices en masse in a safe manner.

Prince Philip: an HR reformer of his time?

Prince Philip achieved much that would impress a modern HR practitioner in his earlier years at Buckingham Palace.

Nationwide Building Society: Why we decided staff could work from home

We now see almost daily announcements from companies allowing staff to work from home. But when an 180-year-old building society...

Global Travel Taskforce report ‘hammer blow for business travel’

Business travel specialists and holiday firms have voiced frustration over the government's Global Travel Taskforce report.

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