How stopping rudeness in its tracks can make work a safer place

Uncivil and rude behaviour seems to be increasing in the workplace, making it difficult to confront difficult situations. But a...

Supreme Court to hear ‘unlawful inducements’ appeal

The Supreme Court will consider whether an automotive parts firm made “unlawful inducements” when it bypassed a trade union and...

M&S Lorry

M&S to close distribution centres with hundreds of job losses

Depots in Derbyshire and South Yorkshire to go and landlords warned about possible further store closures.

visa applications

Fall in visa applications triggers skills warning for private sector

Business consultancy warns of skills shortfall as number of visa applications from non-EU skilled workers has fallen.

Public sector recruitment confidence hits 12-year high

Employment growth in the public sector is expected to match the private sector for the first time in 12 years.

How Atos uses succession planning to improve gender balance

IT services and consulting firm Atos faced a challenge familiar to the sector – to have more women in senior...

The new cabinet and Boris Johnson

Prime minister sets date for points-based immigration system

Downing Street has announced that the new points-based immigration system will be implemented from 1 January 2021.

Discover how technology drives performance at Connect 2020

Justine Woolf, director of consulting at Innecto, part of the Personal Group Family, will discuss how embracing technology and taking...

JCB factory

JCB cuts workers’ hours as coronavirus hits supply chain

JCB is set to cut hours and production as the coronavirus outbreak affects component supply from China.

Former BBC people director: ‘Successful change starts with inner stillness’

Why HR leaders need to start with developing “inner stillness”.

Why is HR hiding from tech investment?

While HR professionals are aware of why they should have a technology strategy and the benefits it can bring, many...

Lawyer rejected because he was ‘expensive’ was discriminated against

The decision to deny an experienced lawyer a job because he was considered...

‘Overcommitment’ is greatest HR challenge for 2020

The urge to commit to too many initiatives may be one of the greatest challenges facing HR, according to global...

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