Government announces £2.5bn lifelong learning package

The government has announced plans to offer adults without an A-level or equivalent a free college course to boost their...

Firm alleged to have abused furlough faces tribunal claim

Unite has described a tribunal case launched today as “a wake-up call” for employers that have fraudulently claimed funds from...

Police union sparks U-turn on officers using NHS Covid-19 app

The union representing police officers is encouraging officers to download and use the NHS Track and Trace app after a...

Brexit: MAC warns of ‘stark consequences’ in social care

Senior care worker and nursing assistant roles should be added to the shortage occupation lists to relieve pressure when freedom...

Could a scholarship help you achieve your people goals?

Offering a scholarship is not just for universities and other educational institutions, it could be a way to fulfil some...

Uber wins London safety case as employment status verdict nears

Uber has won the right to continue operating in London because of its safety improvements.

Job Support Scheme vs Germany’s Kurzarbeit

In the run-up to Rishi Sunak’s announcement of the Job Support Scheme, speculation was rife that the UK was looking...

Boohoo’s board knew about poor workplace conditions

Boohoo’s senior directors knew about ‘serious issues’ with workplace conditions at the company’s Leicester factories since at least last December, a review has concluded.

University workers’ job fears over Covid-19 exposure

Academic staff on precarious contracts fear they could lose their jobs if they refuse to teach at university face to face.

Job Support Scheme ‘won’t reduce job losses’

The Job Support Scheme (JSS) will not save enough jobs and could be improved if the government scraps its ‘poorly...

No ‘cooling off period’ for skilled workers relocating to the UK

New guidance for employers that wish to recruit workers from abroad from next year has been published, but the long-awaited...

Plan to bring civil servants back to the office ‘a waste of time’

The leader of a union representing senior civil servants has branded the government’s attempts at bringing staff back to Whitehall...

Job Support Scheme: two thirds of two thirds?

As announcements go, it was far from the clearest. It was only when the above graphic was tweeted by HM...

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