Barclays abandons ‘creepy’ people analytics project

Barclays has scrapped the use of an employee monitoring platform following a backlash from staff and criticism from privacy professionals...

Minimum wage underpayment arrears jump 50%

HM Revenue & Customs’ policing of the national living wage and national minimum wage has identified a record amount of...

Fathers ‘more likely to seek mental health support than mothers’

Fathers are four times more likely to seek mental health support than mothers, according to an online support service for...

University staff begin 14-day strike in long-running pay and pensions dispute

Staff at 74 universities have begun 14 days of strikes, the latest wave of industrial action over changes to pensions...

Pay settlements drop to 14-month low

Pay awards fell to a 14-month low as inflation dropped in the latter months of last year.
According to analysis...

Why data capture from employees needs to be ethical

Virtual reality training can be hugely beneficial but the data captured by it must be handled with great care.

Points-based immigration: five things employers can do now

Employers have been advised not to panic in reaction to the newly published details on the proposed points-based immigration system...

Points-based immigration scheme shuts out low-skilled workers

Low-skilled workers would not get a visa under the government’s proposed points-based immigration scheme, details of which have been published...

Future-proofing financial wellbeing at Employee Benefits Connect 2020

Zarina Sahni, head of insights at Salary Finance, will bring delegates together to discuss how financial wellbeing can enhance existing...

Acas publishes coronavirus advice for employers

Acas has published advice for employers on dealing with the new coronavirus outbreak, including how to handle employees who have...

Employers let millions in apprenticeship levy funding expire

About a quarter of the money made available for apprenticeship training has been relinquished back to the government, suggesting that...

Learning Technologies 2020: Time to make it personal

We’re used to receiving tailored offers and services as consumers, so how can L&D teams personalise learning experiences to enhance...

On the case: reasonable adjustments and tribunal proceedings

Employers should be well aware of their obligations to make reasonable adjustments for disabled employees or job candidates. But what...

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