EU gender pay

Action on gender pay gap has accelerated across Europe

More action is taking place on pay equality in Europe compared with the US, according to a recent survey, although US firms are more proactive when it comes to sexual harassment.

UK workers in Europe lose opportunities over Brexit uncertainty

Loss of freedom of movement affects job prospects of UK workers.

HR most likely to be reaping automation benefits

HR professionals are more likely to be experiencing the benefits of automation in their roles than any other professional in...

Minimum wage pledges will benefit the wrong people

Increases in the national minimum wage pledged in the general election could be a “gamble” and will inadvertently benefit middle-...

Personnel Today Awards 2019 shortlist: Managing Change Award

Just a few more days until the Personnel Today Awards 2019 take place on 19 November. Here, we profile the...

Goodbye HR, hello ‘People’ – Download the Changing Face of HR report

PROMOTED | How far are you in your HR to People journey? There’s no denying that there are seismic shifts happening in the world of work, leaving HR teams having to swiftly change...

Maya Forstater

Woman who lost job over transgender views begins tribunal case

An employment tribunal is examining the loss of employment of a tax expert after she had publicised her views on transgender rights: a landmark case.


World’s largest fund drops G4S over modern slavery fears

The world's largest sovereign wealth fund, has sold its shares in UK-based security company G4S because of the risk of human rights violations against its workforce in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

Labour’s 2030 gender pay gap pledge ‘completely unrealistic’

Labour’s pledge to close the gender pay gap by 2030 if it wins power has been described as too ambitious....

Whistleblower’s treatment leads to tribunal case against Lloyds of London firm

A whistleblower alleges he has been subjected to a campaign questioning his motivations and mental health.

Eight in 10 want right to know male colleagues’ salaries

Women should have the right to know if they’re being paid less than their male colleagues, according to research by...

What needs to change before we can close the gender pay gap

Headline-grabbing proposals can only take us so far. Cultural shifts and changes in shared leave, maternity and paternity benefits are needed before we can truly get to grips with the gender pay gap.

Royal Mail wins High Court injunction to halt postal strikes

Royal Mail has won a High Court injunction to prevent postal workers from striking in the run-up to Christmas.


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