EU worker numbers continue to fall ahead of Brexit

With Brexit drawing closer, the number of EU nationals working in the UK fell by 61,000 in the last quarter...

Four in 10 companies have reported a wider gender pay gap

Analysis by the BBC has revealed that four in 10 private companies have reported wider gender pay gaps for 2018...

The Good Work Plan: how should employers prepare?

In December 2018, the government set out the reforms it planned to introduce as part of the Good Work Plan,...

How to take precautions to avoid a toxic work environment

Independent investigations into misconduct at both Amnesty International and Oxfam suggest that toxic workplace cultures can have serious consequences. What...

Do we need to get ‘soft’ on training?

Digital upskilling has been a focus for many employers as they try to keep pace with developments in technology. But...

Bank of England sees BAME resignation rate soar

The Bank of England is seeing a disproportionate number of ethnic minority staff leave the organisation, with it admitting that...

Honda confirms 2021 closure of Swindon manufacturing plant

Honda has confirmed that it proposes to close its manufacturing plant in Swindon in 2021, with the loss of around...

Government reveals limited use of NDAs within civil service

The government’s chief people officer has told MPs that since 2015 there have been just six instances of non-disclosure agreements...

Rise in auto-enrolment pension deductions will bite take-home pay

With auto-enrolment pension contributions set to rise from April, millions of UK employees will experience a decrease in their take-home...

Retailers call for a halt to ‘unreasonable’ HMRC minimum wage enforcement

HMRC should end investigations of 'reasonable pay practices' according to the British Retail Consortium.

Walmart staff file gender discrimination case

Almost 100 women in the US have filed a gender discrimination claim against retail giant Walmart, alleging they have been...

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Tax-Free Childcare failing to attract working families

Take-up of the government's Tax-Free Childcare benefit has been much slower than anticipated, official figures have shown.

Pay award expectations at record high

Pay award expectations in the private sector have increased to 2.5% after years where 2% has been the norm, as employers plan to increase salaries to attract talent.

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