How to use anti-discrimination policies more successfully

Workplace discrimination is not new, but attitudes to it are changing. What more can employers do to escape vicarious liability for the discriminatory acts of its employees?

What can be learned from Denmark’s parental leave and childcare policies?

Denmark has some of the most generous parental leave and childcare support schemes in the world. But have these had...

How to get on a HR headhunter’s radar

A fast-moving environment means solid senior HR experience is in demand. If you’re looking for a career move, what’s the best way to stand out to headhunters?

Seven in 10 LGBT staff sexually harassed at work

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) staff are facing “shockingly high” levels of sexual harassment and assault, but almost two-thirds...

BT engineer

BT to allocate £50m shares to employees

BT is to distribute £50m in shares each year to staff as it sets out to improve customer service, alter its workplace culture and improve workforce morale.

Fast-fashion retailer Boohoo rejects union discussions

Online fashion retailer Boohoo has refused to allow trade union representatives to discuss recognition for employees, The Guardian has reported....


Whistleblowing culture ‘firmly entrenched’ in the UK

Although 35% of UK businesses have no system in place for whistleblowing, a comparison with other economically similar nations in Europe shows that the UK is ahead of the curve.

Young smiling woman at job interview

Young people critical of lack of diversity and social mobility

Two-thirds of young people feel they have to conceal or change who they really are in order to make a good impression and find a job at many businesses.

British Airways warns cabin crew wearing ‘wrong’ bra

British Airways has come under fire for accusing female cabin crew of wearing the “wrong” colour or type bra, and...

Why ‘talent’ is no longer a useful term for business

As the requirements for future leaders change, is it time to do away with the concept of focusing only on a select few?


Four in 10 female lawyers experience sexual harassment

Nearly four in 10 (38%) female lawyers in the UK have been sexually harassed, a report has found, prompting a...

Richer Sounds founder hands over stake in company to employees

Staff at Richer Sounds will receive a £3.5m windfall after being given a 60% stake in the business.
Founder Julian...

pregnant workers health

Employers ‘failing to take pregnant workers’ health seriously’

Employers need to do “far more” to protect the health and wellbeing of pregnant staff, with travel commitments and irregular...

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