Mental health first aid guide encourages employers to set boundaries

Training provider Mental Health First Aid England has produced guidance to help employers introduce mental health first aiders into their...

How to make home working a success

13 Feb 2019

When Dolly Parton sang about working 9 to 5 in 1980, the song reflected most employees’ regular office hours. Brian Hall looks at how things have changed in the past 40 years and asks if working from home always works?

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Four out of five police officers feel stressed or anxious

13 Feb 2019

Seventy-nine per cent of police officers say they have felt feelings of stress and anxiety in the past 12 months...

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Adjustment grants for workers with disabilities to increase

12 Feb 2019

Workers with disabilities will be able to claim up to £60,000 per year to help pay for workplace adjustments when...

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Back and neck pain causes a third to take a sick day

8 Feb 2019

A third (33%) of employees have taken at least one day off work due to back or neck pain in...

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Lloyds Banking Group is an accredited Living Wage employer. Photo: Simon Belcher / Image Broker / REX Shutterstock

How Lloyds Banking Group is tackling poor mental health

7 Feb 2019

On Time to Talk Day (February 7), which encourages everybody to have a conversation about mental health, Jen Tippin and...

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Top 10 HR questions January 2019: Holiday pay, overtime and tax on exit payments

1 Feb 2019

How should employers deal with overtime when calculating holiday pay? Does it make a difference if the overtime is voluntary,...

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Flexible working doesn’t diminish mums’ chronic stress

28 Jan 2019

Biological indications for chronic stress are 40% higher in women bringing up two children while working full-time compared with colleagues...

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Inside the Wellcome Trust's Gibbs Building, London

Research giant ponders four-day week for staff

25 Jan 2019

London-based biomedical research charity the Wellcome Trust, the second wealthiest charitable foundation in the world, is considering switching to a...

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City man stressed out financial services

Financial services stress levels at highest since crash

21 Jan 2019

The number of stress-related absences in financial services is higher now than in the immediate aftermath of the 2008 financial...

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Staff take 53% more sick days in January

16 Jan 2019

Workers take 53% more sick days in January than any other month of the year, analysis has shown.
According to...

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More than 50% rise in workers seeking counselling

16 Jan 2019

Employers should be given more support to help staff with poor mental health, counsellors have urged, as they report rising...

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Nearly one in three unable to mentally switch off from work

16 Jan 2019

Almost a third of workers find it difficult to “switch off” from work in their personal time, putting them more...

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A quarter delay seeking medical advice due to embarrassment

10 Jan 2019

Embarrassment is causing a quarter of employees to delay seeking a formal diagnosis after noticing a potential cancer symptom, a...

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Half of workers given safety over-goggles that may affect vision

9 Jan 2019

More than half of staff who wear prescription glasses and need further eye protection at work are given safety over-goggles...

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