Mental health

Work can have a significant impact on people’s mental health. Employers can help to foster a mentally healthy workplace, for example by taking action to prevent and manage stress and training line managers on mental wellbeing.

Coronavirus: a time for occupational health to find positives?

The Covid-19 pandemic has been, and continues to be, a challenging time for all professionals, not least those in occupational...

City man stressed out financial services

Financial services staff ‘more stressed than in 2008 financial crisis’

6 Apr 2020

The number of stress-related absences in financial services in the past few years had risen to their highest level since...

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Coronavirus: workers worried about future and ‘overwhelmed’ by the news

2 Apr 2020

Almost half (47%) of UK adults say their mental health has been affected by the coronavirus outbreak – especially those...

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Protect your vulnerable employees during isolation

1 Apr 2020

PROMOTED | These past two weeks have seen a seismic change in how organisations, employees and our nation operate, as we collectively tackle the Coronavirus.

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Managers must improve mental health support during coronavirus crisis

31 Mar 2020

Better communication needed if employee mental health is to be safeguarded during Covid-19 crisis.

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Mental health: why employees don’t ask for help (webinar)

30 Mar 2020

ON -DEMAND | | As coronavirus has an unprecedented impact on people's lives, employees' mental health is in the spotlight. But admitting...

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Coronavirus – millions feeling panicked, afraid and unprepared

27 Mar 2020

Millions of UK adults say they feel panicked, afraid and unprepared because of the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, according to new...

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Nine out of 10 working in TV, film and cinema experience mental ill health

27 Mar 2020

Almost nine in 10 people working in the UK’s film, TV and cinema industries say they have experienced a mental...

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Coronavirus: how should occupational health support its mental health effects?

19 Mar 2020

As organisations and the government step up measures to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus, Professor Neil Greenberg, in...

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Six in 10 staff feeling anxious, stressed or distracted, fuelled by coronavirus worries

19 Mar 2020

Six in 10 employees currently feel anxious, distracted or stressed, mainly because of fears around how the coronavirus pandemic will...

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Ill health costs firms 38 days per employee in lost productivity

21 Feb 2020

Employers lost on average 38 working days per worker to physical and mental health-related absence and presenteeism in 2019, costing...

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Fathers ‘more likely to seek mental health support than mothers’

20 Feb 2020

Fathers are four times more likely to seek mental health support than mothers, according to an online support service for...

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NHS staff survey reveals little progress in boosting health and wellbeing

19 Feb 2020

Only three out of 10 (29.3%) NHS staff say their trust takes positive action on health and wellbeing, with many...

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Presenteeism blights seven in 10 organisations, poll finds

12 Feb 2020

Seven in 10 (71%) business leaders have witnessed “presenteeism” in their organisations over the past 12 months, with the behaviour...

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‘Sandwich carers’ in need of more mental health support

10 Feb 2020

One in five “sandwich carers” – people who care for both children and elderly relatives – would like more mental...

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