Mental health

Work can have a significant impact on people’s mental health. Employers can help to foster a mentally healthy workplace, for example by taking action to prevent and manage stress and training line managers on mental wellbeing.

Making the business case for ‘good’ sleep

Employers are increasingly “waking up” to the effect poor-quality sleep can have on productivity and wellbeing, as well as directly...

It’s not just about mental health awareness

18 May 2018

With the proliferation of recent reports on mental health and stress in the workplace, Mental Health Awareness Week couldn’t be...

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Manufacturers should invest in wellbeing to boost productivity

16 May 2018

Manufacturers could increase their productivity by as much as 10% if they invested greater resources in improving employee wellbeing, a...

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Mental Health Awareness Week: Graduates fear telling employers about issues

15 May 2018

Seven out of 10 graduates would avoid informing potential or new employers if they suffered from a mental health issue...

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Barristers face mental health ‘crisis’ as workloads and hours increase

9 May 2018

Criminal barristers are experiencing a “mental health crisis”, according to the Criminal Bar Association, with almost half of criminal law...

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MPs to investigate the health and wellbeing of prison staff

4 May 2018

A group of MPs is to explore the health and wellbeing of prisoners and the prison workforce – particularly healthcare...

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Only minority of employers tackling presenteeism, warns CIPD, despite tripling of cases

2 May 2018

“Presenteeism” has more than tripled since 2010, hitting what is believed to be a record high, yet only a minority...

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Wellbeing ‘auto-enrolment’ scheme could relieve burden on NHS

18 Apr 2018

An auto-enrolment-style scheme for wellbeing programmes – funded in part by employers and in part by employees’ National Insurance contributions...

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UK employers leading the way in offering mental health support

16 Apr 2018

UK employers are more likely to offer mental health support to their staff than their counterparts around the globe, according...

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Mental health: legal pitfalls when dismissing workers with conditions

16 Apr 2018

There are many traps awaiting employers that dismiss a worker with a mental health issue. Gary Freer from Bryan Cave...

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Younger people at highest risk of loneliness

13 Apr 2018

One in 20 adults in England felt lonely “often or always” in 2016 and 2017, with younger people at the...

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Employee wellbeing: Is it ever OK to show emotion at work?

6 Apr 2018

Hillary Clinton’s former head of communications has urged women in business to cry more – going against the conventional advice...

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anxious young woman at airport

Business travel, working abroad and mental health: a wake-up call

31 Mar 2018

More roles now involve business travel with increasing risks and stress for employees. Julian Eyears, medical director of occupational health...

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Mental health ‘a priority’, say CEOs, yet only one in six has a clear strategy

28 Mar 2018

Nearly two-thirds (60%) of UK chief executives identify employee mental health as a priority, yet just one in six (16%)...

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GPs see 13.5% increase in fit notes for mental health issues

23 Feb 2018

Thousands more fit notes were issued by GPs in England in the second quarter of last year, including a 13.5%...

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