Mental health

Work can have a significant impact on people’s mental health. Employers can help to foster a mentally healthy workplace, for example by taking action to prevent and manage stress and training line managers on mental wellbeing.

Wellbeing ‘auto-enrolment’ scheme could relieve burden on NHS

An auto-enrolment-style scheme for wellbeing programmes – funded in part by employers and in part by employees’ National Insurance contributions...

UK employers leading the way in offering mental health support

16 Apr 2018

UK employers are more likely to offer mental health support to their staff than their counterparts around the globe, according...

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Mental health: legal pitfalls when dismissing workers with conditions

16 Apr 2018

There are many traps awaiting employers that dismiss a worker with a mental health issue. Gary Freer from Bryan Cave...

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Younger people at highest risk of loneliness

13 Apr 2018

One in 20 adults in England felt lonely “often or always” in 2016 and 2017, with younger people at the...

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Employee wellbeing: Is it ever OK to show emotion at work?

6 Apr 2018

Hillary Clinton’s former head of communications has urged women in business to cry more – going against the conventional advice...

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anxious young woman at airport

Business travel, working abroad and mental health: a wake-up call

31 Mar 2018

More roles now involve business travel with increasing risks and stress for employees. Julian Eyears, medical director of occupational health...

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Mental health ‘a priority’, say CEOs, yet only one in six has a clear strategy

28 Mar 2018

Nearly two-thirds (60%) of UK chief executives identify employee mental health as a priority, yet just one in six (16%)...

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GPs see 13.5% increase in fit notes for mental health issues

23 Feb 2018

Thousands more fit notes were issued by GPs in England in the second quarter of last year, including a 13.5%...

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Staff lose 30 days a year due to sickness absence and ‘presenteeism’

15 Jan 2018

Employees lose an average of 30.4 working days a year due to sickness absence and underperformance at work due to...

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Blue Monday: Prioritise mental health support to reduce absence

15 Jan 2018

On “Blue Monday”, employers have been reminded to make workers’ mental health a priority in order to reduce absenteeism.

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Don’t let toxic workplace habits get in the way in 2018

22 Dec 2017

Addiction doesn’t have to mean substance dependency – many people have established toxic workplace habits that can make them unhealthy...

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Boardroom leadership is the key to lower employee stress

2 Nov 2017

Evidence shows that leadership style has a major impact on levels of employee stress. Juliette Alban-Metcalfe, an occupational psychologist and...

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HR horrors: How to flee four frightening scenarios

31 Oct 2017

Halloween is upon us, but what are the most common HR horrors and how should employers deal with them? Alexandra...

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Mental health at work review calls for legal changes as thousands lose jobs

26 Oct 2017

A high-level review of mental health at work has found that 300,000 people lose their jobs every year due to...

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How HR can help in a tough financial climate

30 Aug 2017

With an estimated one in eight workers living in poverty and many employees feeling the squeeze of below-inflation pay awards,...

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