Mental health

Work can have a significant impact on people’s mental health. Employers can help to foster a mentally healthy workplace, for example by taking action to prevent and manage stress and training line managers on mental wellbeing.

men's mental health at work

Men fear abilities will be questioned if mental health is raised, survey finds

Four in 10 men who struggle with their mental health feel unable to talk to their manager about it because...

Third of staff under ‘extreme’ pressure while colleagues are on holiday

20 Aug 2019

More than a third (34%) of staff claim they feel under “extreme” pressure or have panic attacks because of the...

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Surge in mental health issues at Hinkley Point C ‘highly disturbing’

14 Aug 2019

There has been a surge in the number of workers on the Hinkley Point C construction project who are grappling...

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Woman with laptop and cat

Home truths – making working from home work

2 Aug 2019

Homeworking is often thought as an easy solution to workplace stress, long hours and exhausting commutes. In fact, apart from...

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Half with heart and circulatory conditions feel depressed or anxious

31 Jul 2019

More than half of people with a heart and circulatory condition have felt depressed or anxious as treatment-related worries, perceived...

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Duty of care and the employee accused of wrongdoing

31 Jul 2019

All HR professionals are familiar with the stress and anxiety associated with a grievance or disciplinary process. Ashleigh Webber examines...

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mental health sickness absence

Majority of staff hiding real reason for suspected mental health absence

31 Jul 2019

Eighty-eight per cent of organisations believe employees have taken sickness absence because of mental ill health over the past year,...

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Disability benefit extended after Supreme Court ruling on mental health

22 Jul 2019

A landmark Supreme Court judgment could mean that people who find social situations debilitating will now be eligible to claim...

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Listen to your alarm bells: the secret to keeping stress levels positive

5 Jul 2019

Stress is like thirst or hunger; it’s a useful early warning system. But, just as thirst ignored can lead to...

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Financial services staff reluctant to raise mental health concerns, survey finds

25 Jun 2019

Three-quarters of staff who have a mental health concern are reluctant to make use of support provided by their employer,...

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How businesses can support the NHS and help employees

24 Jun 2019

Businesses should take a more proactive approach to their employees' health and help take the strain off the NHS.

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Pressure to meet targets means GPs may miss health conditions

21 Jun 2019

Increasing paperwork, time pressures and a focus on meeting targets could mean that GPs are missing potentially life-threatening conditions, a...

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Generation z staff health

Encourage healthier habits among Generation Z, employers urged

20 Jun 2019

Organisations need to be aware of the health challenges faced by younger employees and the impact this might have on...

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How occupational health can help optimise wellbeing

7 Jun 2019

With many staff keen to adopt healthier lifestyles, now is a good time for organisations to look at their wellbeing...

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Over half don’t seek help after self-harming

5 Jun 2019

There has been a rise in the number of people self-harming, but more than half do not seek medical or...

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