Mental health

Work can have a significant impact on people’s mental health. Employers can help to foster a mentally healthy workplace, for example by taking action to prevent and manage stress and training line managers on mental wellbeing.

How businesses can support the NHS and help employees

Businesses should take a more proactive approach to their employees' health and help take the strain off the NHS.

Pressure to meet targets means GPs may miss health conditions

21 Jun 2019

Increasing paperwork, time pressures and a focus on meeting targets could mean that GPs are missing potentially life-threatening conditions, a...

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Generation z staff health

Encourage healthier habits among Generation Z, employers urged

20 Jun 2019

Organisations need to be aware of the health challenges faced by younger employees and the impact this might have on...

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How occupational health can help optimise wellbeing

7 Jun 2019

With many staff keen to adopt healthier lifestyles, now is a good time for organisations to look at their wellbeing...

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Over half don’t seek help after self-harming

5 Jun 2019

There has been a rise in the number of people self-harming, but more than half do not seek medical or...

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migraine staff with neurological conditions

Strengthen support for staff with neurological conditions, report urges

3 Jun 2019

Employers will need to become more aware of the needs of staff with neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease (AD),...

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Academic staff suffer ‘epidemic’ of poor mental health

23 May 2019

There is an “epidemic” of poor mental health among higher education staff, according to Freedom of Information requests gathered from...

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Charity workers’ mental health at risk

20 May 2019

Four out of five workers in the charity sector have suffered workplace stress in the past 12 months, and 42% felt their job was damaging their mental health.

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Managers lack tools needed to support staff mental health

13 May 2019

Six in 10 line managers think they do not get enough help from their organisation to support the mental wellbeing...

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mental health conversations

Only 14% workers feel comfortable talking about mental health

13 May 2019

Employees are three times more likely to discuss their physical health over mental illness at work, a survey has found,...

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‘Alarming’ levels of PTSD identified among police workforce

10 May 2019

Almost a fifth of police officers experience symptoms of either post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or “Complex PTSD”, with PTSD rates...

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How should employers support returning mothers’ mental health?

9 May 2019

Returning to work after maternity leave can be a stressful time for a new mother and managers should be alive...

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How employers can play their part in preventing suicide

3 May 2019

Suicide may be an individual tragedy, but it can also be compounded, or even caused by, poor management practices, inappropriate...

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One in three say their mental health has worsened in a year

26 Apr 2019

More than a third of workers claim that their mental health has deteriorated over the past year, and many are...

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Need-to-know wellbeing insights for 2019

18 Apr 2019

PROMOTED CONTENT |Health and wellbeing is a key focus for many organisations in 2019. And rightly so. According ...

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