Kent County Council invests in virtual gym to boost staff fitness

Kent County Council has provided its 44,000 employees with access to a web-based gym and fitness centre to help employees working shift patterns or in remote areas stay healthy without having to organise a visit to the gym.

VirtualGym TV launched at the start of this year, and offers members a range of exercise sessions to select, all of which are conducted by training instructors. Council workers will be able to choose a variety of training sessions via the website, including: boot camp, aerobics and circuits.

Elaine Mason, employee wellbeing and performance manager, said: “With staff working in more than 1,100 different locations across Kent, VirtualGym TV gives staff cost effective access to a wide range of exercise demonstrations. They can participate at a time that suits them.”

Founder and managing director of VirtualGym TV, Richard Davis, claims that other benefits such as reduced absenteeism is also a side-effect of the web-based gym.

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