Noise risk training not offered to staff

Half of all pub and club owners are failing to protect their staff from excessive noise at work, a survey by a leading environmental health organ­isation has suggested.

The study by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health also found that almost nine out of 10 venue owners polled had not taken steps to reduce noise exposure, ­despite the new Control of Noise at Work regulations that ceme into force in 2008.

Of eight venues surveyed in Carmarthenshire that played amplified music, just one had taken steps to reduce noise exposure, while four said they provided training to staff about the dangers of exposure to excessive noise.

But 55 of the 56 staff subse­quently questioned said they had not received any training at all, and one in six admitted that they regularly had to shout to be heard by people two metres away.

The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 came into force for the music and entertainment sector in April last year, reducing the acceptable level of exposure limits.

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