Occupational health news in brief

Boorman conference on implications of review

An NHS workforce conference arranged by NHS Plus is being held on 20 January in London to discuss the implications of the Boorman Review into the health of NHS workers. Dr Steve Boorman will himself be a key speaker at the event. More details are available from NHS Plus. Go to www.nhsplus.nhs.uk

Water Wellpoint finds NHS staff overweight

Roadshows run by health and water firm Water Wellpoint following Steve Boorman’s interim report on the health of NHS workers last summer found 61% of male employees who took part had a higher body mass index than recommended, while nearly three-quarters had higher body fat content than they should have. For women, the figures were 56% and 46% respectively, the company has said.

Urticaria and dermatitis BOHRF evidence review

The British Occupational Health Research Foundation will be unveiling a systematic evidence review into occupational contact dermatitis and urticaria at a conference on 25 March. There will also be an update on its occupational asthma evidence review. More details can be received from Anna McNeil at the Royal College of Physicians. E-mail annamcneil2@aol.com

RCN and SOM conference heading for Brighton

The Royal College of Nursing and Society of Occupational Medicine’s joint occupational health conference will be taking place on 18-19 October in Brighton and is putting out a call for papers. For more information contact occupationalhealth@rcn.org.uk. This year’s RCN Congress will take place on 25-29 April, and will include a fringe event where Dr Steve Boorman will be speaking. Go to www.rcn.org.uk/newsevents/congress

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