Depressed staff too scared to inform HR of their condition

Only one in four people with depression inform their HR departments of their condition, many fearing it would harm their standing at work, research has revealed.

The Depression Alliance polled 288 of its members for the Inside Story report to coincide with Depression Awareness Week, which runs until 26 April.

One in 10 UK people of working age suffer from depression or anxiety, and many believe that having a job makes them feel better.

But Inside Story reveals that four in five people diagnosed with depression fear that telling their workmates about their condition will damage their prospects.

Half said they were discouraged from taking on exciting projects, 48% said they were avoided by colleagues, 47% claimed to receive snide comments, and 50% said they were passed over for promotion.

Emer O’Neill, chief executive of the Depression Alliance, said: “Having a job is very important to people with depression, so employers and colleagues need to have a much greater understanding of the challenges faced by people with depression to provide the support they need to contribute fully.”

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