Festive fizzle-out

Festive entertaining and employee stress about Christmas preparations will cost UK plc £8bn December through lost productivity, according to new research.

The findings show that from 18 December, with five full working days to go, nearly half the UK’s workforce have hit “festive fizzleout” which leaves employees spending more of their working hours worried about Christmas festivities than work.

Research by catering company Avenance, that polled 1,000 UK workers’ shows that more than two thirds of workers openly admit they are less productive throughout December than in other months.

The reasons for this downturn in output include a combination of exhaustion, lack of motivation and hangovers.

Six out of 10 employees claim they are less productive because they over indulge and eat and drink the wrong things. Women are nearly twice as likely to be hungover in December compared to men.

Michael Audis, chief executive of Avenance, said: “Festive celebrations are an integral part of working life in December but businesses can do more to support their employees through what is a busy and stressful period of time on both a personal and professional level.”

Amount of exercise needed to work off Christmas treats:

  • 1 portion (100g) Christmas pudding (500cal) = 2 ½ hours walking
  • 1 mince pie (250cal) = ½ hour running
  • 2 glasses red wine (160cal) = ½ hour tennis
  • 1 glass champagne (100cal) = 20 mins dancing
  • 1 bite-size speciality chocolate (80cal) = 10 mins aerobics
  • 1 mini sausage roll (180cal) = 25 mins swimming

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