Insurance worker wins compensation for falling over files

An insurance worker has won compensation from her employer after she tripped and fell over a pile of accident claim forms.

Underwriter Linda Riley reached an out-of-court settlement yesterday after claiming £5,000 damages against Norwich Union parent company Aviva, reports the Daily Mail.

Riley, from Newburgh in Fife, claimed that the company was to blame for her tripping over the files full of claim forms which had been left on the floor.

Her writ claimed: “The accident was caused through the fault of Aviva. It was its duty to take reasonable care for the safety of its employees and to avoid exposing them to unnecessary risk of injury.

“It was its duty to provide her with a safe system of work. It was its duty to ensure there was safe access and egress within the work premises.

“It was reasonable that if items such as files were left on a traffic route they would present a danger to persons such as Miss Riley. They ought to have known or anticipated an accident would be likely to occur. In each and all of their duties Aviva failed.”

Riley claimed that £5,000 was a fair sum to act as compensation for the loss and injury she suffered as a result of the accident.

The level of compensation she accepted was not revealed in court yesterday.

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