Health and safety

The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 requires employers to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work of its employees.

This duty extends to health and safety matters such as the maintenance of plant; systems of work; the arrangements for the use, handling, storage and transport of articles and substances; information and training; and access routes.

Traders in the 'ring' of the London Metals Exchange

City trading floor bans alcohol

The London Metal Exchange (LME) has banned dealers on its trading floor from working under the influence of alcohol.

outdoor workers air pollution

Outdoor workers ‘overlooked’ in the air quality debate, researchers claim

31 May 2019

Urgent action is needed to protect outdoor workers from air pollution, campaigners have said, after a study found a London...

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amazon working conditions

Amazon investors told to press for better working conditions

20 May 2019

Investors have been urged to put pressure on Amazon to improve working conditions at its UK warehouses, following reports that...

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‘Overtime culture’ is causing employees to drive while tired, insurer claims

15 May 2019

Almost one in 10 staff who drive for work have fallen asleep or nearly fallen asleep at the wheel as...

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Third of outdoor workers don’t use sunscreen

15 May 2019

Employers of outdoor workers have been urged to provide staff with high-protection sun cream, after a survey revealed a third...

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pregnant workers health

Employers ‘failing to take pregnant workers’ health seriously’

15 May 2019

Employers need to do “far more” to protect the health and wellbeing of pregnant staff, with travel commitments and irregular...

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Employers need ‘sun safety strategies’ to protect outdoor workers

7 May 2019

Nine in 10 skin cancer deaths could be prevented if employers and employees took precautions to avoid sun damage –...

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Pollution, carcinogens and second-hand smoke blamed for rising rates of non-smoker lung cancer

26 Apr 2019

Around 6,000 people who have never smoked die of lung cancer every year, often because they have been exposed to...

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Royal Opera House loses appeal against musician’s hearing loss ruling

17 Apr 2019

The Royal Opera House has lost an appeal against a landmark ruling which found it liable for a musician’s severe...

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Worker loses £300,000 compensation claim after injury at Christmas party

10 Apr 2019

A charity worker has lost a £300,000 claim for compensation after she was picked up and dropped at her Christmas...

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Construction firms should train staff in occupational health awareness

13 Mar 2019

Construction companies have been urged to train at least one employee in occupational health awareness to increase understanding of OH...

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What is the maximum workplace temperature? City workers head outside to enjoy the sunshine. Photo: REX

Summer daze – the health and wellbeing challenge of long, hot summers

1 Mar 2019

Last year’s sweltering summer weather may feel like a distant memory right now. But, with global warming meaning hot summers...

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Emissions risk from 3D printing unless protective equipment used

28 Feb 2019

Research has found 3D printers emit particles small enough to enter the airways and lungs, potentially creating respiratory problems.

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Half of workers given safety over-goggles that may affect vision

9 Jan 2019

More than half of staff who wear prescription glasses and need further eye protection at work are given safety over-goggles...

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Protective equipment fails to remove risk of pesticide contamination

7 Jan 2019

Research into pesticide exposure among horticultural workers has shown that levels of contamination can take place despite the provision of...

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