Health and safety

The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 requires employers to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work of its employees.

This duty extends to health and safety matters such as the maintenance of plant; systems of work; the arrangements for the use, handling, storage and transport of articles and substances; information and training; and access routes.

Top 10 HR questions March 2020: Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic dominated the top 10 most popular FAQs in March.
The coronavirus outbreak is having a big impact...

Labour urges government to close non-essential workplaces

1 Apr 2020

The shadow employment minister has called or all non-essential workplaces to be closed in a letter to the prime minister....

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Unions and retailers at odds over warehouse social distancing

31 Mar 2020

Warehouse workers and delivery drivers register concerns over lack of social distancing in workplace.

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Fears raised for health and safety of construction workers during pandemic

27 Mar 2020

With much of Britain in lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic, two health and safety bodies have emphasised the need...

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Employers urged to protect health and safety of pandemic home workers

27 Mar 2020

The conciliation service Acas and union body the TUC have both urged employers to protect the health and safety of...

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‘Don’t ignore health emergency and continue to put staff at risk’, say MPs

26 Mar 2020

Many employers are still not “doing the right thing” during the current lockdown and forcing non-essential staff to go into...

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Doctors on verge of walkout over lack of protective equipment

25 Mar 2020

Doctors and other medical staff are threatening to quit frontline NHS work because they feel there is inadequate safety equipment....

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Acas working from home guidance: be ‘practical, flexible and sensitive’

20 Mar 2020

Acas has published new best practice guidance on working from home as more employers ask staff to avoid workplaces amid...

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UK-wide school closures could be imminent

18 Mar 2020

The Prime Minister has said that decisions will be taken “imminently” on school closures in England after devolved parliaments in...

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Businesses clamour for guidance over coronavirus data privacy

9 Mar 2020

What data privacy rules should businesses consider when dealing with Covid-19?

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Construction industry urged to relax sick pay rules for coronavirus

9 Mar 2020

Sick pay rules should be amended in the construction industry to help tackle the spread of the coronavirus.

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Coronavirus: One in five workers could be off sick at once

3 Mar 2020

As many is one in five staff could be off sick at the same time if the Covid-19 coronavirus takes...

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Nokia: how a global employer is handling coronavirus

27 Feb 2020

Employers need to be pragmatic and fact-based and clear in their communications when managing staff, including some in Wuhan, China,...

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Share prices fall in response to coronavirus alarm

24 Feb 2020

Projections point to a recovery later this year as global efforts to contain the outbreak bear fruit.

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Coronavirus: Employers ‘quarantining’ own staff before trade show

7 Feb 2020

Employers are quarantining their own staff as the coronavirus outbreak...

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