Health and safety

The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 requires employers to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work of its employees.

This duty extends to health and safety matters such as the maintenance of plant; systems of work; the arrangements for the use, handling, storage and transport of articles and substances; information and training; and access routes.

Lack of toilet access ‘risks transport workers’ health’

Lorry and bus drivers are routinely unable to access toilets when they need to, which is potentially causing them health...

Train maintenance workers’ health ‘at risk’ from sewage on railway lines, warns union

7 Nov 2019

The health of train maintenance workers is being put at risk as railway operators continue to allow sewage from train...

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Can employers insist on their staff wearing or not wearing a poppy in the workplace?

Wearing a poppy in the workplace: myth or reality?

6 Nov 2019

Employers sometimes make the headlines over their policy on staff wearing a poppy in the workplace. We set out the...

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Guidance issued to help reduce exposure of workers to diesel emissions

4 Nov 2019

New guidance has been published to help staff who work around diesel-powered vehicles or equipment reduce their exposure to exhaust...

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Amazon opens its doors to public scrutiny

1 Nov 2019

EXCLUSIVE | To improve perceptions of its warehouses' working environment, the online giant is inviting the public in to show what conditions are really like.

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Most construction firms would fail or ‘scrape through’ HSE inspections

21 Oct 2019

Two thirds of construction companies say they would fail or might only “scrape through” an on-the-spot site inspection by the...

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Police service discriminated against man with moustache

8 Oct 2019

A police constable has won a sex discrimination claim after an industrial tribunal found that the Police Service of Northern...

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Cleaning staff need better protection against dangerous substances, says health body

23 Sep 2019

Cleaning firms need to do more to reduce workers’ risk of exposure to dangerous substances, the European Agency for Safety...

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Major construction projects help drive up health standards, study finds

20 Aug 2019

Major construction projects can help develop “universally high” health management standards throughout the supply chain, a study has concluded.

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silica dust exposure register

Silica dust exposure register launched to assist future claims

5 Aug 2019

Workers who believe they have been exposed to silica dust are being urged to sign a register that will help...

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Railways urged to end zero-hours contracts after fatality

12 Jul 2019

The death of a likely-fatigued rail maintenance worker has prompted call for widespread change in the industry

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Silicosis dust mask

MPs to investigate impact of silicosis on workers

9 Jul 2019

A parliamentary inquiry investigating the impact that silicosis has on construction workers has been launched.
The All-Party Parliamentary Group on...

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Asbestos fatality figures highlight need for continued precautions

9 Jul 2019

Deaths from mesothelioma reached 2,523 in 2017, largely as a consequence of occupational asbestos exposure before the risks were known,...

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Traders in the 'ring' of the London Metals Exchange

City trading floor bans alcohol

14 Jun 2019

The London Metal Exchange (LME) has banned dealers on its trading floor from working under the influence of alcohol.

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outdoor workers air pollution

Outdoor workers ‘overlooked’ in the air quality debate, researchers claim

31 May 2019

Urgent action is needed to protect outdoor workers from air pollution, campaigners have said, after a study found a London...

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