Online health check for printers

 A pioneering project to develop an online health check for printing companies has received 70,000 in Government funding.

The initiative makes it easier for printers to access key health and safety information via a one-stop shop online. The project brings together the British Printing Industries Federation and the graphics and media section of media union Amicus (Amicus GMP).

The online resource features training support materials, training suppliers, protective equipment, and occupational health services.

“This will be a great way of getting key health and safety information to employers and safety reps in the printing industry, and help them assess their performance,” said Tony Burke, head of Amicus GMP Sector.

“We want to see employers and representatives working together to improve safety and health in the workplace. The results will have great significance throughout the industry, and in other sectors.”

This initiative is the latest strategic partnership project to be undertaken by the two organisations with funding from the DTI.

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