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Mobile learning – few making the connection

3 Mar 2009

Much was made in recent times about the prospects for mobile learning, yet few seem to be making the connection.

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Make e-learning memorable

3 Mar 2009

What makes e-learning memorable? Some think they have answers to this age-old conundrum.

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Globalising e-learning: A world of opportunity

9 Feb 2009

Organisations with a global presence will want e-learning provision that can be rolled out worldwide. Yet they must remember local...

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Informal learning – how to manage it

14 Jan 2009

The rise in Web 2.0 tools and resources such as blogs, wikis, podcasts and webinars, means there are more informal learning opportunities available. How can this be controlled by L&D?

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Social networking: E-learning on the social

18 Nov 2008

The evolution of the e-learning species is nothing if not rapid – the latest leap is to include social networks...

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E-learning engagement: Compelling content

17 Oct 2008

Engaging e-learners is ever-more important, but it demands more than a flashing screen and online quizzes. The experts say how...

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E-learning NHS: The significant seven

15 Sep 2008

When seven NHS trusts decided they wanted to share mental health care courses and put them online it created quite...

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Open source e-learning: In the moodle

2 Jul 2008

Open source software has made a huge impact in the software market. One such product could be about to revolutionise...

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Learning management systems: Taking the pathway to learning

5 Jun 2008

Sophisticated learning management systems should offer employees the chance to plot their own learning paths. Where will they lead?Creating a...

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E-learning stuck in the slow

30 Apr 2008

E-learning: it may be with us, but many of us aren't with it... yet.

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360-degree assessments: going round in circles

22 Apr 2008

Introducing a 360-degree assessment system to an organisation is all very well, but it won’t deliver unless training needs are...

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NHS e-learning: A lesson in every portal

18 Mar 2008

The NHS is about to launch a huge e-learning resource, called the Health e-Learning portal. It’s one big learning beast.The...

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Social networking: Colleagues reunited

4 Mar 2008

You may think social networks are for teenagers and nerds but, increasingly, they’re being used for informal learning – at least that’s...

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Creating your own e-learning content: Doing the knowledge

22 Jan 2008

Authoring tools make it possible for training and learning and development departments to create their own e-learning content. So what’s...

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Second Life systems reinvigorate e-learning

20 Nov 2007

Tired of dull old e-learning programmes? Second Life systems could be the answer.
Those of us over the age of...

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