Public unaware of pelvic floor issues

Large numbers of men and women are putting themselves at risk of unnecessary incontinence and sexual frustration because of ignorance and neglect of their pelvic floor muscles, physiotherapists have warned.

A survey by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) found that two-thirds of people do not know where their pelvic floor muscles are. More than half incorrectly believed they were in the lower stomach or abdomen, and 7% thought they were in their buttocks, feet, chest or ears. Only four out of 10 correctly identified where they were.

Four out of 10 people never exercised these muscles. And nearly a third incorrectly believed that not exercising the pelvic floor muscles might lead to problems with walking, breathing, or your back, or that you might gain weight, or go deaf or blind.

Sammy Margo, chartered physiotherapist and CSP spokesperson, said: “The survey clearly shows men and women are complacent when it comes to their pelvic floor muscles, despite the fact they are fundamental for optimal bladder, bowel and sexual function.”

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