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Come together – unpicking multi-disciplinary working within occupational health

6 Dec 2019

Occupational health professionals fully recognise the value of multi-disciplinary working in terms of generating good outcomes. But what does “success”...

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Crisis or opportunity? The search for answers to occupational health’s workforce shortages

1 Nov 2019

The government’s consultation on occupational health was very clear that the fact OH is and has always been a small...

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Bringing domestic abuse out of the shadows, and how employers can make a difference

4 Oct 2019

Domestic abuse is nothing to do with employers or the workplace, right? Wrong. Some three-quarters of people who endure domestic...

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What government’s workplace health consultation means for OH

6 Sep 2019

The government’s long-awaited consultation into occupational health and how government and employers can reduce ill health-related job loss was published...

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Learning zone – taking the temperature at first ever Faculty of Occupational Health Nursing conference

6 Sep 2019

From gaining the confidence to write publicly through to one speaker’s personal struggles with addiction; from effective report writing through...

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Call for new national research hub for occupational health

2 Aug 2019

Ahead of the government in July launching its long-awaited consultation into workplace and occupational health, the Society of Occupational Medicine...

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Inaugural conference builds momentum for Faculty of Occupational Health Nursing

2 Aug 2019

Some nine months on from its launch, how is the newest organisation within the OH landscape, the Faculty of Occupational...

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The ‘i’ has it – out with the old (AOHNP) and in with the new (iOH)

2 Aug 2019

The Association of Occupational Health Nurse Practitioners has rebranded as a more multidisciplinary occupational health membership body called ‘iOH’. Nic...

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The Occupational Health & Wellbeing Awards 2019 shortlist

1 Aug 2019

Our judges have put their heads together and arrived at a shortlist, with the winners set to be announced in October.

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occupational health single voice

Making the case for a national occupational health and wellbeing service

5 Jul 2019

Three presentations at the Health and Wellbeing at Work conference in March posed intriguing questions about occupational health’s current and...

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SOM calls for a Centre for Work and Health to lead OH research

4 Jul 2019

The Society of Occupational Medicine (SOM) has called for a new multi-disciplinary national “Centre for Work and Health” to be...

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Why providers need to get more worried about employer ignorance of OH

7 Jun 2019

Many employers remain woefully ignorant about what occupational health can do, its value (versus its cost) and the benefits it...

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Illuminating the links between LED lighting, health and productivity

5 Apr 2019

LED (or light-emitting diode) lighting is transforming how we light our homes, workplaces and urban spaces. There is excitement it...

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A return-to-work model for workers without OH? A personal perspective

5 Apr 2019

Now making a full recovery following his heart operation before Christmas, Nic Paton’s experience of being in hospital and post-operative...

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Reading the runes for the future direction of occupational health

1 Mar 2019

The future direction of occupational health was a central talking point – and the subject of a keynote panel discussion...

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