Royal Mail extends occupational health contract with Atos Healthcare

Royal Mail has extended its occupational health (OH) and welfare services contract with Atos Healthcare for another three years.

Atos Healthcare has been delivering OH services to the organisation’s 185,000 employees since 2002, where it has helped to reduce absenteeism in the Royal Mail letters business.

The new contract incorporates a risk-reward model, with Atos Healthcare being incentivised to help Royal Mail further cut staff absence.

Atos Healthcare will deliver a full range of services, including a round-the-clock employee assistance programme, sickness absence management, pre-employment screening, driver medicals, health screening, vaccinations service, and progammes to educate and inform staff about health-related issues.

Steve Boorman, director of corporate and social responsibility at Royal Mail, said: “The co-operative and collaborative way the two organisations have worked together to make improvements has been a particular success of the current contract.

“We will continue to set high targets for Atos Healthcare to remain competitive and achieve our business objectives,” he added.

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