Sick staff challenge perceptions by going to work

Nearly a quarter of the workforce went to work in January at least once despite thinking they were too ill to do so, a poll by the TUC has concluded.

The survey of nearly 1,400 people found that nearly six in 10 had struggled into work when sick during the past year, with only 12% never going into work when they were unwell.

According to the YouGov poll, more than half the workforce (57%) said they had gone to work when too ill to do so during the past year. Only one in eight (12%) said they have never gone to work when too ill.

The findings were at odds with the notion that British workers are only too eager to ‘pull a sickie’ whenever possible, argued the union body.

Nearly a third said the recession would make them more likely to go to work when they were ill. This highlighted why employers needed to manage absence and support employee wellbeing, argued the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

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