Sleep deprivation hits doctors hardest

Doctors are the most sleep-deprived of any profession in the UK, according to latest research.

A survey of 2,000 adults in 25 different professions, conducted for by hotel chain Travelodge, reveals that 37.5% of doctors regularly go to work after just four hours’ sleep.

As a result, more than two thirds (67.5%) of medics spend their all-important time off catching up on sleep.

Almost seven out of 10 doctors (67%) blame work stress for the poor quality of their sleep. The second most common cause was eating too late (12.5%).

By skipping the equivalent of more than a night’s sleep every week, the average bleary-eyed Brit loses seven years of sleep over a lifetime.

But the sleep deprivation of doctors adds up to almost double the national average, with about 13 years lost during their working lives.

Other professions that get little sleep include company directors, train drivers and workers in emergency services.

At the other end of the scale, mechanics have the best sleep record. Four out of 10 manage nine hours a night, much more than the experts’ recommended eight hours.

Wayne Munnelly, director of sleep at Travelodge, said: “Of the top 10 professions that report a poor night’s sleep, the majority work a variety of shifts.

“That lifestyle can play havoc with an individual’s body clock. You must be organised and ensure you plan time for sleep in advance according to your shift times.”

The most sleep-deprived professions are

  1. Doctors (averaging 5.6 hours’ sleep a night)
  2. Company directors (5.8 hours)
  3. Train drivers (6 hours)
  4. Emergency services (6.2 hours)
  5. Tradesmen (6.2 hours)
  6. Nurses (6.3 hours)
  7. Taxi drivers (6.3 hours)
  8. Shift workers (6.3 hours)
  9. House wife (6.5 hours)
  10. Armed forces (6.5 hours)

Top professions for a good night’s sleep

  1. Mechanic (averaging 7.6 hours a night)
  2. Leisure industry (7.4 hours)
  3. Call centre staff (7.3 hours)
  4. Self-employed (7.1 hours)
  5. IT managers (7 hours)
  6. Government workers (7 hours)
  7. Lorry driver (6.9 hours)
  8. Bar / restaurant staff (6.9 hours)
  9. Retail staff (6.9 hours)
  10. Labourer  (6.8 hours)

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