Warehouse worker injured in fall wins over £3m compensation

A warehouse worker who became a sex addict after falling from scaffolding and injuring his head has won more than £3m at the High Court.

Stephen Tame, a former employee of Professional Cycling Marketing in Essex, spent 53 days in a coma after falling from a gantry while working in the cycle warehouse in January 2002.

The accident had unleashed an insatiable libido in the recently married Tame, the High Court heard.

His subsequent loss of inhibition had caused him to make frequent inappropriate remarks to women, visit prostitutes and become a compulsive watcher of pornographic videos.

Judge Michael Harris awarded £3.166m in damages to Tame after concluding that the former warehouse worker was unlikely to be employed again and that his marriage had been severely damaged by the accident.

Tame’s wife, Sarah, a committed Christian, is being treated for clinical depression.

Professional Cycling Marketing admitted liability for the accident but disputed the amount of the award. The company argued that Tame would be capable of working up to 16 hours a week in the future and that his marriage could survive.

Tame’s head injuries have also affected his speech and memory and he suffers from tunnel vision, difficulty in tolerating noise and weakness on his left side.

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