Accor launches new eyecare website

Visitors to Accor Services revamped eyecare voucher website can now view their options more easily thanks to a recent website launch.

The website has been redesigned around the different needs of employers, employees and opticians, each of whom now have dedicated areas to guide web browsers in the right direction effectively. 

Offering an eyecare voucher scheme reduces cost to the employer, by cutting out unnecessary administration and offers significant savings over the traditional reimbursement route so many companies still follow.

The website has also dramatically improved in terms of ease of navigation. Clean pages and clearly defined tabs help web browsers get to where they want to be fast.

There are plenty of documents available to download for further advice, for example, finding your nearest opticians or looking into employer’s legal obligations towards eye care.

Andrew Adams, Eyecare Sales Manager at Accor, commented: “So many entitled workers do not get their eyes tested regularly. We want to help by making employees aware of their legal rights to a free eye test which could save their sight.

“It is not just the employees that see the benefits of regular sight tests – employers can benefit from improved productivity and reduced levels of absence, for example, by helping staff who have the wrong prescription in their glasses to find this out through an eye test” Adams adds.

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