Weight gain hinders asthma control
Asthma is more difficult to control in overweight individuals, according to French researchers. A study published in the journal Allergy found that a body mass index of 25 or more made effective asthma control difficult. Allergy 2006; 61:79-84
Nursing Times, 6 February

First-aiders replace college nurses
Two college nurses who advise on eating disorders and sexual health, as well as give flu jabs and blood sugar tests, have been sacked and replaced with first-aiders. Caroline Champion and Rose Walker of Southgate College, north London, said their dismissal – due to cash shortages – would deny students access to a huge range of treatments.
Nursing Standard, 8 February

MRSA clampdown
The government is to send clean-up squads into more than 20 NHS trusts in England in a bid to clamp down on MRSA infections. Figures from the Health Protection Agency revealed that only half of the trusts are currently on target, while the other half are behind target to make a 50% reduction in MRSA infections by 2008.
Nursing Times, 6 February

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