Businesses ignore terror threat

Too many businesses are ill-prepared for the possibility of a terrorist attack, according to an NOP poll for the Institute of Directors.

The survey of 500 IoD members shows that 49% of businesses have no contingency plans to help them cope with a terrorist attack and 23% spend virtually nothing on security.

Some 72% of directors allocate something to security, with the majority spending between 1-5% of turnover.

Richard Wilson, the IoD’s head of business policy, said terrorism posed a threat to employees, customers and the viability of many businesses.

He added: “All firms should draw up business continuity plans, test them regularly and train staff to act upon them.”

Only one in five IoD members have increased expenditure on security since 11 September 2001, according to the survey.

Just 69% routinely check the references and documentation of staff and contractors when recruiting and hiring.

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