CIPD report shows that pressure is building at the workplace

The percentage of workers that feel under excessive pressure at work, either every day or once or twice a week, has grown from 38% to 42% over the past six months, while net employee job satisfaction score has dropped since the spring from +46 to +37, according to latest research.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) quarterly Employee Outlook survey of more than 2,000 UK employees also revealed that under a fifth (17%) of employees think it is likely they could lose their job, though the proportion of UK workers that would like to change their jobs has risen from 34% to 40% since April. Almost two-thirds of employees (62%) think that it would be difficult to get a new job if they were to be made redundant.

Claire McCartney, resourcing and talent planning adviser, CIPD, said: “Back in the spring we interpreted such high job satisfaction in the face of the recession as a ‘fixed grin’, where employees felt lucky enough just to have a job. It seems that in this quarter the fixed grin is slipping and the temporary goodwill is being replaced with increasing frustration.”

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