Extended occupational health toolkit will help keep workers’ skin healthy

A toolkit aimed at arming non-medical practitioners with the knowledge and resources to tackle occupational health issues has been extended.


The Occupational Health toolkit now includes skin and respiratory disorders, in addition to musculoskeletal disorders and stress which it has covered since first being launched at the IOSH 07 Conference.


The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health’s (IOSH’s) OH toolkit provides information on preventing and dealing with workplace health issues including rehabilitating workers from sickness absence back to work.


Richard Jones, IOSH’s policy and technical director, said: “Skin and respiratory disorders are serious conditions that affect many members of the workforce, so it’s important that the information available to help organisations protect their staff can be easily accessed.


“An estimated 29,000 people in the UK suffer skin problems they believe are work-related and up to 7,000 people are estimated to develop occupational asthma or suffer from asthma made worse by work. Breathing and lung problems alone cost more than 750,000 working days each year,” he said.


Jones added: “The OH toolkit is a one-stop shop full of resources to assist non-medical professionals, such as health and safety practitioners, in their role. It is hoped that by using the toolkit, those that have a part to play can take the opportunity to help prevent illnesses, or respond early to signs and symptoms before they become severe and cost time, money and possibly, a person’s life.”


View the toolkit, or contact Mary Ogungbeje on 0116 257 3100 e-mail mary.ogungbeje@iosh.co.uk for more

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