Help in preparing for bird-flu outbreak

HR consultancy Mercer has launched a dedicated website to provide companies with advice to address the people challenges of a potential global avian flu pandemic.

Mercer said the site has been developed in response to growing client concerns as the avian flu outbreak spreads from Asia to key commercial centres in Europe.

The World Health Organization has repeatedly warned that the world should prepare itself for such an eventuality.

Charles Nelson, worldwide partner at Mercer in London, said: “The threat of an avian flu pandemic is already very real for companies with employees in Asia, but European employers need to be prepared too.

“As well as business continuity planning, employers will need to think about their leave policies, crisis support systems, insurance plans and travel rules. The earlier they start planning, the better.”

Mercer”s website and preparedness programme addresses the key HR issues of crisis leadership; employee communications, workforce planning of critical business functions and the review of HR policies such as employee insurance coverage, travel restrictions and evacuations, sick leave, remote working and preventive health measures.


Visitors to the site are also invited to take part in an online survey that determines an organisation”s level of preparedness.

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