HSE issues warning over bogus health firm scam

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) today urged businesses across the UK to ignore all correspondence from a firm calling itself the ‘Health and Safety Registration Enforcement Division’.

The HSE has received complaints from businesses across England that have received requests from the Health and Safety Registration Enforcement Division for payment to achieve compliance with the law.

The requests, sent from a Bradford address and quoting £199 for registration if businesses are compliant or £249 if they are non-compliant, should be reported to the HSE or the police.

Justin McCracken, deputy director general (operations) at the HSE, said: “The Health and Safety Registration Enforcement Division is not connected to the HSE and is not an official body. Businesses should ignore any approach from this firm, and any similar offers.

“HSE would never write indiscriminately to firms seeking advance payment for services. Many of our services are provided free of charge and much of our guidance is on our website,” he said.

“For businesses that would like more detailed information, our Health and Safety Starter Pack is available for £30.”

Anyone receiving correspondence from the Health and Safety Registration Enforcement Division, or any such requests, should contact their local HSE office.

Call the HSE’s information line on 08701 545500


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