Health & Safety Executive

The Health and Safety Executive is a body set up to protect the health, safety and welfare of employees and to safeguard others, principally the public, who may be exposed to risk from industry.

The HSE’s remit is to ensure that risks to people’s health and safety from work activities are properly controlled.

Employees denied ‘toilet dignity’ at work

Unite is demanding that employers take action to ensure that workers are granted toilet dignity in the workplace.
The union...

Drug and alcohol tests: what employers need to know

8 Nov 2018

Barratt Developments recently announced it would introduce randomised drug and alcohol testing for staff to combat increased risks...

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Work-related fatalities and fines increase prompts health and safety warning

30 Jul 2018

Employers have been urged to ensure that the health and safety of their workforce is a priority as fatal work-related...

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Workers at risk of silica dust exposure need both x-ray and lung function screening, warns HSE

28 Jun 2018

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has urged organisations to review their health surveillance programmes for workers who have a...

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wrist pain at work

Wrist pain at work: occupational health referral of a laboratory worker

4 Feb 2018

This case study concerns an individual suffering wrist pain at work. Michael Bowles and Anne Harriss demonstrate the use of...

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Following best practice in occupational health has wider business benefits, evidence from HSE shows

5 Dec 2017

There’s a simple way of increasing business efficiency that many executives overlook, according to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).

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older workers and heat stress

Older workers and heat stress: challenges of working in a hot environment

30 Nov 2017

The number of older people in the workforce is increasing and with it the risks related to older workers and...

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The case for a stronger occupational health evidence base

2 May 2017

The Health and Safety Executive’s new strategy for the workplace promises to give health the same priority as safety, but...

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Government to publish workplace dress code guidance following high heels petition

21 Apr 2017

New guidance on workplace dress codes will be published by the Government, but

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Criminal law and fatalities in the workplace: what HR needs to know

13 Apr 2017

Fatalities in the workplace are a challenge for HR and the stakes are high with the potential for criminal charges,...

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Can employers insist on their staff wearing or not wearing a poppy in the workplace?

Wearing a poppy in the workplace: myth or reality?

4 Nov 2015

Employers often make the headlines over their policy on staff wearing a poppy in the workplace. We set out the...

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HSE approval no longer needed for first-aid trainers

3 Oct 2013

Businesses that require first-aid training will from this month be free to choose their own training provider, under reforms being...

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Injury reporting to be made easier for companies

5 Aug 2013

The mandatory reporting of workplace injuries is set to be made clearer for businesses under changes proposed by the Health...

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Decline in worker death rate

1 Aug 2013

Official statistics have shown a reduction in the number of workers killed in Britain last year.Provisional data published by the...

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New HSE code will limit ‘unnecessary’ checks

5 Jul 2013

Local authorities are to be “banned” from carrying out “unnecessary” health and safety inspections under a new code, the Government...

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