HSE launches test to assess performance

A tool to help small and medium sized businesses assess their health and safety performance has been launched by the Health and Safety Executive.

The web-based performance indicator is supported by the Department of Trade and Industry’s Small Business Service and is designed to tell small firms how they doing on health and safety.

It is also intended to help companies tell their insurers how well they are managing health and safety, so they can more accurately calculate insurance premiums based on individual performance, rather than those with a good record effectively paying for those with a bad record, said the HSE.

The HSE is also developing a corporate health and safety performance indicator for use by larger organisations, which should be available from May.

Bill Callaghan, chairman of the Health and Safety Commission, said: “Good performers should not have to bear the burden created by poor performers. We believe that the ‘indicator’ has the potential to assist this goal.”


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