HSE monitors slips and trips on site

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has begun a nationwide inspection programme of about 1,000 construction sites as part of its Watch Your Step campaign.

The initiative aims at reduce the numbers of slips and trips in the construction industry, which currently reports more than 3,000 slip or trip incidents a year.

Stephen Williams, chief inspector of construction at the HSE, said: “Most slip or trip incidents can be avoided if everyone on site does their bit to make the workplace safer, so if you see it – sort it.”

Mike Williams, principal inspector for the HSE, advised contractors to consider how they manage their sites to ensure that they are kept in good order.

“Walkways and storage areas should be designated and kept clear from obstructions. Pathways should be level and firm and arrangements should be made to remove waste from work areas. Employees have a role too, they should keep work areas as clear as possible of unnecessary materials and waste,” Williams said.

The HSE has also produced a “toolbox talk{” pack featuring a five minute DVD, guidance booklet and a poster.


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