Half the UK willing to go all the way with the boss

Most staff would be happy to sleep with their boss to get to the top, according to a poll of staff across the UK.

A ‘bare’ majority (51%) of the 2,439 employees surveyed by law firm Peninsula, said that if promotion depended on sleeping with their boss, they would agree to the indecent proposal rather than report them.

More than two-thirds (a wonderfully appropriate 69%) admitted to having had an affair at work, but two out of three of the relationships didn’t work out.

Mike Huss, employment law specialist at Peninsula, said the effects of workplace romances that go sour is a real concern for employers.

“The potential tensions and divisions that can result from an acrimonious split can have damaging consequences for the environment and atmosphere of the workplace and, in turn, affect productivity as employees will tend to side with one party. This spreads conflict,” he said.

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