Most employees want companies to do more to cut carbon emissions, Carbon Trust finds

UK employees are an untapped resource when it comes to tackling climate change, research by the Carbon Trust has revealed.

More than two-thirds of the 1,217 workers surveyed are keen to help their organisations cut carbon emissions and want more direction to show them how.

However, only 18% are happy that their companies are doing enough.

Tom Delay, Carbon Trust chief executive, said: “Climate change has never been higher up on employees’ agendas, and as our research shows, most are ready and willing to take up the challenge and work alongside their employers.

“This is a critical time for businesses to cut carbon, and tapping into enthusiasm from employees can build significantly on a company’s efforts at little extra cost.”

Businesses account for 40% of the UK’s annual carbon emissions and poor energy efficiency costs businesses an estimated £2bn a year.

The Carbon Trust has produced a free employee pack, which offers advice on low- or no-cost energy saving measures.

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