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Primary role for nurses in all secondary schools

Chief nursing officer for England Sarah Mullally has called for every secondary school to have its own nurse. The proposal has been welcomed by union Unison, which said it would help to “make a positive contribution to improving the health of people across the country”.

UK content to remain concerned

UK workers are more contented than is often thought, but long hours and a lack of flexibility in working patterns remain worries, according to a survey by The Work Foundation. Two-thirds were satisfied with their jobs, it reported.

Lung problems and suspect substances

Past occupational exposure and work disability attributed to lung disease, or a combination of the two, can make you more likely to suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a study in the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine has concluded (OEM, 2004, 61, pp661-667).

Developer fined

A London-based development company, Cherren III, has been fined 75,000 following the death of a heating engineer. Mark Butler climbed an unguarded ladder to a half platform on the ground floor and fell approximately 2.4m. A risk assessment had not been carried out for the area.

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