News in brief

Healthier Europe

European health commissioner, David Byrne, has outlined his vision for a healthier Europe, and is asking for views on it by 15 October. The paper has proposed a shift from treating ill-health only to proactively promoting good health. Details can be found at

Hidden disabilities

A conference on ‘hidden disabilities’ in the workplace is being held on 26 October at City Hall in London. It is being organised by the charity Positive Futures Partnership, which is also carrying out a survey on barriers to employ-ment faced by people with HIV. Further details are available at

Call for regulations

The TUC, Royal Society and Royal Academy of Engineers have called for regulation of the nanotechnology industry, amid fears about the safety of employees breathing in and absorbing tiny, ultra fine and potentially toxic particles. Health and safety law does not yet cover this new technology.

Editing mix-up

An editing mix-up in last month’s news analysis on latex allergies meant com-ments by Graham Johnson became nonsensical. What Johnson said was: “In many cases, the latex glove remains the best glove for those who do not have a reaction”, not “powdered latex” as quoted. And a comment on trusts needing to justify continuing use of latex gloves meant to refer, of course, to powdered latex gloves.

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