Nine in ten are suffering from work-related stress

Nine in 10 employees are under stress at work, according to a survey.

E-learning provider SkillSoft found that 92% of 3,000 respondents to a poll carried out in November were experiencing workplace stress.

More than four in 10 of the polled workers were losing sleep through stress, almost a third were becoming over-emotional, and 15% were drinking to help them cope.

The top two fears were an increased workload and redundancy as the economic downturn intensified.

Kevin Young, managing director of SkillSoft EMEA, said: “There is a worry out there about what the future holds for employment, and people are nervous that they won’t have the skills to cope with what may be required of them to keep their jobs.

“Stress is affecting productivity too, with 24% of people admitting to taking time off work due to stress.”

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