NMC register sees OH take on ‘new’ role

The new Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) register has opened, putting OH practitioners in the front line of gathering evidence of nurses’ ‘good health and good character’ to allow them to practice.

All 655,000 health professionals on the old 15-part NMC register were transferred to the new three-part register from 1 August. Nurses renewing or transferring over are simply required to fill in a self-declaration form. But newcomers or those coming back onto the register will be required to have their self-declaration supported by a third-party declaration, normally after an assessment by their OH department.

The NMC said nurses could have disabilities such as impaired hearing or health conditions such as depression, epilepsy, diabetes or heart disease, and yet be perfectly capable of safe and effective practice.

However, where there was clear evidence of alcoholism, drug abuse, serious mental ill-health or where a nurse might be a risk to themselves, patients or clients, they would not be able to join the register.

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