Occupational Health 2008: Making the Business case: book review

Author: Greta Thornbory, consultant editor of the Occupational Health journal, with contributions from solicitors Alexander Green and Ann Youngs
Available in downloadable format only
Published by Workplace Law Network
Price: £79

This 87-page electronic report is split into nine sections. As well as an introduction to the field of occupational health and an overview of the legislation, chapters deal with: the business case for occupational health the importance of pre-employment assessment developing an occupational health strategy choosing and using an occupational health service health surveillance general health and lifestyle issues managing absence disability and rehabilitation critical intervention and support and OH the future.

There are numerous text links throughout the electronic report, which take the reader directly to the source of information being quoted. This includes links to the Health and Safety Executive website, published articles and guidance documents.

This report is one of the best ‘state-of-the-art’ documents that has been produced on occupational health in the UK in the past decade. Much of the information and evidence quoted will be familiar to the experienced specialist in OH, but brought together as it is in such a user-friendly format, this report will become an invaluable source of information for specialists and non-specialists alike.

Many gaps in our knowledge are identified, but the report offers a practical, pragmatic and well-thought through guide to the current practice of occupational health services in the UK today.

By Dr Stuart Whitaker, senior lecturer in occupational health, University of Cumbria.

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