Occupational health confidentiality quiz: answers

1. d – It is worth taking a look at this case on the internet for interest, as well as some of the other breach of confidentiality cases as they may give you more confidence.

2. bVisit the CIPD website and download its code of practice and compare it with your own code. Consider how it differs. If you have a good relationship with your HR department, it may be worth discussing the differences with them and getting their perspective.

3. d – If you have not already done so, download a copy of this part of the code and ensure that your OH practice fulfils its requirements.

4. a – Who develops your policies and procedures? Are you or your department involved? If not, why not? Consider what you can do to raise your profile with policy and procedure development and the advantages to your practice.

5. b – The Equality and Human Rights Commission. Go to its website and explore what it offers for disabled people. This site has now subsumed the Disability Rights Commission. The RNIB would also be able to help and offer advice on employment matters.

6. a – Download the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) guidance on record-keeping and refresh your knowledge.

7. d – If there is a health and safety risk to the client or to others, then this takes precedence over other matters and other legislation.

8. a – Thinking and responding positively. ‘Yes, of course we would love to help’ is the best opening gambit. Show you are willing to co-operate, within the limits of your professional practice, of course.

9. b – Visit the Information Commissioner’s website and acquaint yourself with the depth and breadth of his role.

10. a – See Kloss & NMC code.

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