Occupational health continuing professional development: learning for life quiz

1 Under which group licence does a DVLA PCV licence come?
         a) Group 1
         b) Group 2
         c) Group 3
         d) Group 4

2 What type of annual screening did the company want that is not normally part of a well person assessment?
         a) Vision screening
         b) Blood sugar levels
         c) Urinalysis
         d) Cholesterol testing

3 Which of the following were attendees asked about?
         a) Childhood ailments
         b) Immunisations
         c) Family history
         d) Social history

4 Which of the following concerned the staff at the beginning of the scheme?
         a) Losing their jobs
         b) Redundancy
         c) Ill-health retirement
         d) Confidentiality

5 Which social group did the Acheson Report decide was most affected by disease?
         a) Group 1
         b) Group 2
         c) Group 3
         d) Groups 4 and 5

6 Why are these groups thought to be more prone to disease?
        a) Poor housing
        b) Geographic location
        c) Consumption of tobacco, alcohol and poor diet
        d) Lack of money

7 Why is it thought that the drivers cannot access health advice from the GP practice nurses?~
        a) Because of their work shift patterns
        b) It is not available at all GP health centres
        c) Practice nurses are not aware of the needs of drivers
        d) Drivers only go to the GP health centres when they are ill

8 Which of the following is NOT a risk factor for developing heart disease?
        a) Raised ESR 
        b) Raised BP
        c) Body mass index over 30kg/m2
        d) Smoking

9 How often were statistics for the health promotion activity collated?
        a) Monthly
        b) Quarterly
        c) Annually 
        d) Biannually

10 What had the company found as a result of the health promotion activity?
        a) Less industrial action
        b) More industrial action
        c) Less sickness absence
        d) More sickness absence


1 b What do you understand about the different groups of licences and what is required for drivers from a health perspective? Explore the resources and update your knowledge of driving and licence requirements. Do you think that the health aspects of driving will have to be changed in light of age discrimination laws?       

2 a

3 c Consider the implications of asking about family history, especially with regard to the Human Rights Act and the Data Protection Act. What do you understand about these pieces of legislation and asking and keeping health information on clients? Use some of the resources listed to update your knowledge on this subject.        

4 d

5 d What do you know about the Acheson Report? You can download it if you are not familiar with its contents.          

6 c    However, all the other answers may be contributory factors. Do you believe that this is true? Can you justify your beliefs and do you have an evidence base for this? Undertake a literature search and try to back up this assumption.

7 a

8 a

9 c

10 c There are a number of factors in this initiative that may be worth trying in your own organisation to help reduce sickness  absence. Put together a draft proposal for such a scheme, and consider how you would go about implementing the project.         

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