Continuous professional development

How CIPD Chartered membership recognises you as a people professional

PROMOTED CONTENT | The start of the New Year brings about thoughts around reflection and setting goals for the coming year...

More than nine in 10 want more flexibility on apprenticeship spending

10 Jan 2019

Nine out of 10 (92%) employers want more flexibility in how they can spend their apprenticeship levy allowance, with some...

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Why your digital workforce needs on-the-job learning

15 Nov 2017

How can learning and development professionals keep pace with workers who need to be up to speed with new technologies...

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Why do female employees miss out on work-based training?

19 Oct 2017

Research published this month found that male employees are far more likely to receive training at work than women. The...

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Time management for HR professional (webinar)

Time management for the HR professional (webinar)

27 Jul 2015

ON DEMAND | HR professionals juggle multiple tasks and responsibilities every day. These can range from the ...

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A place for telephone consultations in occupational health

1 Jan 2014

Health consultations over the telephone have advantages over face-to-face meetings, but are used less frequently. OH adviser Helen Rodway examines...

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Easing chronic back pain with the Alexander technique

7 Oct 2013

A set of exercises can offer non-prescription relief for those with back pain. Alexander technique teacher Mille Ball finds out...

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Vision screening put to the test

9 Aug 2013

Ways to measure eye health in the workplace are explored by Professor David Thomson as he concludes his short series.In...

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Eyesight and vision in the workplace

5 Jul 2013

Good vision is often a requirement for many professions. In part one of this two-part series on vision, Professor David...

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Taking a history and making a functional assessment

1 Jun 2013

 During a clinical assessment, a patient’s history can be the key to helping an OH professional decide if someone is...

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How to handle hand-arm vibration syndrome

1 May 2013

It’s easy to underestimate the risks that can come with working with vibrating power tools on a daily basis. Occupational...

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Sharps practice in occupational health – what you need to know

1 Apr 2013

Occupational health nurse adviser Diane Romano-Woodward gives an overview of the legislation and best practice surrounding the use of sharps...

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Managing the risks to lone workers

1 Mar 2013

Lone workers can face risks those in an office environment may not even think about. Walter Brennan explains how to...

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Contracts and occupational health: what you need to know

1 Feb 2013

Contracts are an important business tool and most OH practitioners will need to deal with them as part of their...

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Maximising your occupational health budget

1 Jan 2013

Most occupational health practitioners will face having to make a convincing argument to the budget setters for adequate resourcing of...

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