Ockey Elf: Are Fit for Work pilots really fit for purpose?

Are you fit for work, and if not, why not? Who’s to say who’s fit for work, and are they fit to make a decision? Well all that’s about to change as the Department for Work and Pensions, working hand in glove with the Department of Health, rolls out its Fit for Work pilots.

Who will be the judge of their success? Some OH physician no doubt – one of the ‘old boys’ network’. You can bet no OH nurse will be asked: ‘How was it for you?’

Will HR professionals be consulted on how it worked for them? If so, they’ll have to consult with OH. Never met one yet that could make a decision without just ‘running it past’ us first.

My employer put themself forward for this initiative, thinking it would give them a bit of profile, make them cutting edge. Needless to say, they got nowhere, though I believe we’re languishing on a list on the Web with other ‘interested parties’ waiting to be ‘picked up’ by interested others – not sure the missus would like that, sounds a bit dodgy if you ask me.

While we’re talking initiatives, what about these Health and Wellbeing Co-ordinators? The Dame’s been telling us all how OH nurses would be right for these roles. Personally, I’m gutted – no adverts and I hear the jobs have all been given to Civil Service flunkies who’ve probably been trained up with a First Aid course, basic PE certificate and Feng Shui for beginners.

Did you know our specialist qualification now gives us three new letters after our names – MUG? Still, it was a nice dream while it lasted – we should’ve known better though, don’t you think? Who’d trust anyone connected with this government? Although the Faculty did, so what does that tell you?

Ockey Elf, SCPHN – OH:MUG

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