Brexit: Which EU employment rules could be up for review?

Although the government's review of employment rights has been shelved, which laws could it seek to amend in theory?

Redundancies vs reduced hours: Juggling workloads through coronavirus

30 Jul 2020

As furlough fades and redundancies rise, Jonny Gifford examines how workloads differ across the labour market and suggests how reducing...

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‘Is it because I is black?’ Why Ali G’s catchphrase is a tragic reality

17 Jul 2020

As organisations make sense of the recent events surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement and how they can do something...

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Leaders must avoid cliches if black careers matter

16 Jun 2020

UK business leaders need to focus on action not messages if they truly want to effect change and improve fairness for black employees, warns Professor Binna Kandola.

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From ‘forgotten’ to ‘key’ workers: protecting the precariously employed

29 May 2020

While the Covid-19 crisis is a worrying and uncertain time for all of us, it brings into sharp focus some...

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Post-coronavirus: How companies can learn from blockchain

27 May 2020

Tamara Haasen describes how blockchain influences the peer-to-peer structure of technology company IOHK and how all employers could apply it...

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Furloughing staff is morally wrong and HR should stop it

24 Apr 2020

Why have employers with large cash reserves been allowed to go cap in hand to the government, asks Josh Sunsoa.

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Sandra Wallace on employers’ role in improving social mobility

6 Feb 2020

As a new toolkit is launched to help employers improve social mobility in the workplace, Sandra Wallace describes her personal...

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EU settled status: how employers can help their European staff

20 Jun 2019

Last week Personnel Today ran an opinion piece which criticised the EU Settlement Scheme, the process that EU, EEA or...

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Does gender pay gap reporting legislation need more teeth?

13 Jun 2019

The original aim of gender pay gap reporting was to shed light on pay discrepancies and apply enough pressure to...

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Are HR professionals lacking employee relations skills?

12 Jun 2019

As the CIPD’s Festival of Work starts in London, complete with speaker and breakout sessions galore on all the new...

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EU settled status scheme looks far from settled

11 Jun 2019

Home Office cannot afford to ignore the lessons of the Windrush scandal and suffer the resulting reputational damage.

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Why fatherhood holds the key to solving the gender pay gap

20 Mar 2018

The introduction of gender pay gap reporting has shifted the onus of responsibility for solving the gender pay gap to...

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Jordan Peterson

Gender equality: ‘Men and women are not the same and won’t be’

13 Mar 2018

Jordan Peterson has HR in his crosshairs with his strident criticism of efforts to close the gender pay gap and to tackle unconscious bias. Has he got a point?

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L&D needs to stop creating and start curating

15 Aug 2017

L&D is operating in a climate of rapid change. The demand is constantly put on us to be agile, to...

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