Ockey elf: Feeling anti-social about social networking sites

I thought it was time I did a bit of ‘social networking’, and I don’t mean the sort you do down the pub. I’m referring to the ‘virtual’ sort.

I started by having a Twitter. I thought this would be my kind of thing as I’m into wildlife, until I found that this was a ‘social messaging utility’, a bit like gas and electricity, only free. It seems that Twitter names all have the ‘Tw’ prefix, ie, Twockey elf – get the idea?

The exchanges are a bit banal. Do I care if my pals Twill or Twary are having a cup of tea? It becomes a bit like Alice in Wonderland, or Twalice, which of course rhymes with malice, and I had a virtual Tea Party with my pal from the gym, the Mad Twatter. However, I found that there’s a strand called Exectweets, so I thought I might give that a go. as the twitters might be a bit more twallenging – but that’s for another day.

Bebo baby

Next I gave Bebo a go, but was stopped before I got started due to my age. It’s for juveniles, and they didn’t want an old Twit like me snooping into their virtualness, though I didn’t understand anything on it anyway, seeing as it was all written in that Txtspk.

Then I gave Facebook a try, as this is mainly for those that work. Can’t have much of a following these days, I’d have thought.

Let’s Jisc again

So I moved on to our much-loved Jiscmail, the virtual utility for us OH-ers. I’ve been dipping in and out for some time and am truly amazed by some of the ‘postings’ – jokes, chat and the occasional real pearl of wisdom. But don’t some people go on? (Twitter, at least, is short.) Some people are in and out of Jisc all day, every day – do they do any work, I wonder?

There should be a Twitter version of Jisc – or Twisc, as we’d lovingly call it. How about discussing that proposal – but keep it Twort, plz?

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