Online service to help meet occupational health standards

The NHS Plus occupational health network will launch a web-based clinical governance system in March 2012, designed to help OH teams raise standards.

The Management of Health at Work Knowledge system (MOHAWK) will initially be available for NHS providers but in time will be made available to everyone working in occupational health.

MOHAWK will be easy to join and suitable for small and large occupational health services.

“This new online system will allow OH teams to show we are maintaining and improving the quality of our occupational health care and our overall performance,” said Dr Richard Preece, an OH physician who worked with colleagues across the NHS to develop the system. “It will provide a national picture of current practice across sectors,” he added.

The system will build on the success of existing clinical governance systems that have earned a reputation for driving successful improvement, including those for renal services and endoscopy units.

“These systems capture information on local practices and provide a framework that allows rapid improvement from sharing and comparing data with their peers,” said Preece. “We always hear how difficult people find it to participate in quality and research activities.”

The system will be aligned and complementary to SEQOHS standards and national audits, while aiming to avoid duplication.

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